Food, Simplified!

"Daily Food Science, Diet Philosophy and Kitchen Tech trends to inspire Cooking Confidence."



A Solid Understanding of the physical and chemical nature of food allows you to make calculated decisions in the kitchen. To make the transition as painless as possible, I've exposed the hidden crannies of the food science world to make cooking far more intuitive.    


I don't think it's any secret that diet has the largest influence on our quality of life. But navigating the complex world of food and how it effects our body can be a daunting endeavor. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make confident choices with your diet.  


Quality Cooking Starts with Quality equipment. But we all know finding the right kitchen equipment isn't always as straightforward as we'd like it to be. That's why I've created extensive product reviews to guide you in your search for the perfect kitchen appliances. 


About the Author

Michael is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Food Science/Technology at the University of California Davis. His emphasis is in brewing, but his passion lies wherever the food resides. When he isn't completely absorbed by his studies, he's sharing his food and diet discoveries on the web. 

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