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Two Ways to Create Reviews:

Strategy 1

Strategy 1 is for those who personally buy the product, put it through strenuous testing procedures, and write reviews based off the perceived performance.

examples: Consumer Reports, CNET, Wirecutter, etc.

  • Reliable, first hand experience with a product by a potential expert (hopefully).
  • Put through tests that attempt to replicate extreme conditions. This can help expose the durability of a product. 
  • Rarely test all available products.
  • Review decisions rarely include warranty, company customer service or specific customer needs.  

Strategy 2 (what we use)

Strategy 2 is for those who research the products intensively, find common responses from verified customers, and provide extensive information about the top reviewed products.

examples: Food Shark Marfa, Foodal, Robust Kitchen, etc.

  • Provide common responses from verified customers with diverse needs. 
  • Can account for all products on the market without being restricted by financial investment.  
  • No first hand experience with the product (usually).
  • Online customer reviews can be misrepresentative of the product. 

Which is better?

As you can see, both strategies serve useful roles in the buying process. Strategy 1 fills certain holes in strategy 2, and vice versa. That's why we always encourage people to research both types of reviews. This will help ensure you get the exact product you're looking for. 

The Steps We Take.

Here is our process for fishing out the best products:


Separate products based on categories such as size, power, and unique features.


Hand pick products with the highest ratings and review count.


Compare products by warranty period, common customer responses, and price.  


Choose top products and provide a full synopsis of each to expedite the shopping process.


Create a one-stop-shop guide to choosing, buying and using the product of interest. 

The time it takes to create these reviews varies, but averages out at about 16 hours of research and writing per review.

Kitchen Gadget Reviews

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