Can You Put a YETI in the Microwave?

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Last updated on April 15, 2022


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The Yeti monster? The answer is no. But we are talking about YETI, the ultimate go-to brand for superior drink-ware and coolers. Some will say you can put a YETI in the microwave, but it is not a good idea or recommended!

YETI has every color, size and style of drink-ware possible starting at a 10 oz tumbler up to a 1 gallon jug! These tumblers, bottles and jugs gained so much popularity simply because they get the job done. They keep your iced drinks cold and scorching hot beverages hot.

Now, there may be times when you left your hot beverage unattended for too long and now it's cold. You might be tempted to stick it in the microwave...but don't do it!

Should You Put a Yeti in the Microwave?


No, you should not put a YETI in the microwave. Check out some of these key points.

Fire Hazard

Did your parents ever tell you not to put metal in the microwave? This situation applies! The YETI is made of stainless steel and aluminum.

When these materials come in contact with a microwave, they heat up and spark. Not only will your drink not heat up, you run the risk of setting your kitchen on fire!

Poor Heating

Microwaving a YETI will not heat your liquid effectively. The YETI is made to insulate your beverage and maintain the temperature which it already is. 

When a microwave tries to pierce the barrier of the YETI, the stainless steel will absorb the energy waves, therefore these waves will not reach your drink.

What Happens to Metal in a Microwave?


Metal contains electrons that move freely and conduct electricity. The energy waves in a microwave are a form of electromagnetic radiation that bounce around in order generate friction and heat up food.

When you put metal in the microwave, the micro-waves will cause the electrons in the metal to move rapidly and become charged. The longer the microwave heats, the more the electrons become aggravated resulting in a spark that can lead to a fire.

Why Plastic and Glass Don't Do This

Microwave energy waves can pass through materials such as plastic and glass to heat up food and beverages. The electromagnetic radiation does not bounce around the microwave like it does with metal. That is why materials such as Ziploc bags or Pyrex does not ignite or spark fire.

What is a Yeti Tumbler Made of?

A YETI tumbler is made out of stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation.

Will the Yeti Catch Fire if Microwaved?


The stainless steel of the YETI drink-ware does not allow for the waves of energy from the microwave to penetrate the walls of the cup and could cause sparks or some sort of fire hazard.

If the company provides warning to not place their products in the microwave because fire and personal injury can occur, it is most likely true!

Can You Put a Yeti in the Oven?


No, you can not put a YETI in the oven! Here are a few reasons why.

Maximum Temperature

According to the Frequently Asked Questions on the YETI website, the maximum temperature limit for hot liquids when using a Yeti is 185°F.

Placing it in an oven will not only exceed the maximum temperature but will also ruin the insulation, rendering your YETI ineffective.

Too Long to Reheat

Even if you get the oven to preheat below 185°F, it will take a long time for the heat to pass through the double insulated walls of the YETI.

Video of Someone Putting a Yeti in the Microwave

So let's take a look at this video!

Although it may appear there were no adverse affects, we still do not recommend microwaving a YETI.

There is another side of science to putting metal in the microwave. The shape of the metal object can also determine how much spark or how bad of a fire can occur.

Most YETI tumblers are shaped where if heated by energy waves, the electrons are spread around the tumbler and will not spark if microwaved for a short amount of time. Either way, the electrons can still charge and cause a spark eventually. So just don't do it!

Why You Don't need to Microwave a Yeti

We have covered so many safety reasons why you should not microwave a YETI. We just want you to stay safe, and not ruin your microwave or your $50 tumbler.

Just transfer your beverage into a microwave safe receptacle, heat it up and then pour it back into your YETI.

Microwave Safe Alternatives


As we mentioned before, plastic is made out of materials where micro energy waves can pass through in order to reach the food or beverage to heat up.


Reusable To Go Hot & Cold Beverage Tumbler

This Eco-friendly 16oz cup is microwave and dishwasher safe. It has a screw on lid with silicon seal. A great alternative if you need to microwave your beverage instead of pouring from your YETI into paper and Styrofoam cups!


Glass is a tricky one sometimes. There is some glass out there that is not microwave safe due to tiny air bubbles trapped in the material.

Glass can also shatter due to sudden temperature changes. Ensure glass products are marked microwave safe before sticking it in the microwave!


MOCHIC CUP Reusable Glass Coffee Travel Mug

This reusable coffee travel mug has a hand blown glass body. It has a thickened bottom making it more durable and shatterproof. BPA free, this cup is easy to clean and microwave and dishwasher safe!


Ceramics are made from molded clay which have been fired in a kiln at high temperatures. Like glass, there are ceramics that are not microwave safe, typically ceramics made from less refined clay. Ensure you double check the product label for a microwave safe logo.


W&P Porter Ceramic Mug

This mug gives your hands a luxurious feel. Fitted with a protective silicon sleeve and BPA free press fit lid, this reusable cup can easily replace disposable plastic cups or a YETI. Microwave and dishwasher safe!


So, can you put a YETI in the microwave? According to a few people out there, maybe, but in all the ways we just covered, no. We recommend that for your safety you do not put a YETI in the microwave due to fire hazards. 

Plus you don't want to dish out $50+ for a new microwave or a new YETI tumbler. There are plenty of safe and microwavable alternatives on the market!


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