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Well, it finally happened. At last, a company updated one of the most primitive pieces of kitchen technology, the toaster. While some argue that the toaster is fine the way it is, we believe there are always improvements to be made in the kitchen. Whether a big touch screen is an improvement, or an unnecessary addition to your kitchen is entirely up to you. 

To help you come to an accurate conclusion, we've created a thorough Revolution R180 Toaster review to answer some of the most common customer questions. We've also done some in-depth research to evaluate whether verified buyers believe it to be the toaster its all cracked up to be. 


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What is the Revolution Toaster?

The revolution toaster is a two-slice, touch screen equipped smart toaster that boasts a handful of unique heating features. You could, however, argue that many of these heating features could be found on some of the already available, top-end smart toaster models (toast shade settings, food type settings, and a digital clock, to name a few). 


The defining quality that makes this two-slice toaster absolutely one of a kind is that impossible-to-miss touch screen. Being the first toaster to ever have a true, modern touch screen, this model has sparked a lot of interest in the kitchen tech world, and we for one, are on board. 

While a touch screen by no means implies better toast, we think it is a relatively big step for the primitive nature of our modern toasters. Companies have continually engineered bizarre toasters in an attempt to create something revolutionary (the toaster/egg cooker combo, the leverless toaster, and the speaker/toaster to name a few). But these models gained little attention from the greater population. 

Touch screens have already proven to be the route that most of our technology goes, and that's for one simple reason; people usually like them better. That is, if the price and user-friendliness of the device is inline with user expectations. 

That's exactly what we're here to identify, whether it's worth it for you or not.

Let's get into it.

Revolution Toaster Claims

Now that we know what makes this smart toaster worth considering, let's examine what this toaster claims and whether these claims are believable and trustworthy (according to science and customers responses).

  • Insta Glo Technology 

Claims? The revolution toaster's heating technology boasts fast, even and consistent toasting every time. This is said to be due to its "exclusive etched metal double helix design" and new "toasting algorithm." 


  • Fast Heat?

Yes, the overwhelming consensus (from verified customers) is that the heating technology of this toaster is impressively faster than their previous toasters. 

  • Even Heat?

The larger proportion of customers said their toast came out fantastic. 3 of the 29 Amazon reviews (verified buyers only), as of 08/03/2020, remarked their toast being over or under done in certain areas. This could be due to a difference in customer expectations, or faulty units. 

  • Consistent Toast?

The most common phrase in the customer reviews was, "toasts perfectly every time." I think the R180 needs a little more time on the market to report how well it holds up over time, but for now we have reason to believe the heating technology is as legitimate as the company claims. 

  • Intuitive Touch Screen

Claims? The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use, offering customization in terms of 5 food settings, 3 toasting modes, 7 browning levels, and adjustable screen brightness.


We are inclined to believe the interface is simple and easy to use.

Here's why:

Even the few customers who complained about the quality of the toast remarked on the intuitive nature of the touch screen display. As far as the customization, the majority of verified buyers were able to get their toast (or other food item) browned to their liking. 

We encourage people to make sure there are food settings for the items you plan to toast. The 5 food settings are Breads, Bagel, English Muffin, Waffle and Toaster Pastries.  

All the Features Laid Out


  • 5 Food Functions (Breads, Bagel, English Muffin, Waffle and Toaster Pastry)
  •  3 Toasting Modes (Fresh, Frozen and Reheat)
  • 7 Browning Levels


  • Touch Screen Display
  • Adjustable Brightness and Volume Setting
  • Digital or Analog Clock with Date
  • "Time to Clean Crumb Tray" Reminder
  • Countdown Timer


  • Etched Double Helix Heating Elements
  • Auto-Glider Lowers and Lifts Food
  • Smart Sensors Adjust Time to Give Consistent Browning
  • Removable Crumb Tray

Pros and Cons


  • High Tech, Intuitive Touch Screen
  • Customization with 5 Food Functions, 3 Toasting Modes and 7 Browning Levels
  • Auto-Glider Lowers and Raises Food
  • Removable Crumb Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Smart Sensor Adjusts Time to Ensure Optimal Toast
  • Overall Positive Responses from Customers


  • Slots Not Deep Enough For Some Specialty Breads
  • Some Complaints of Under or Over-Toasting
  • Not a Lot of Time on the Market Yet
  • Only a 1 Year Limited Warranty

Our Conclusion

Overall, we love the Revolution R180 Toaster. It ultimately needs more time on the market to help reveal some of the common complaints, but overall its gotten some really great feedback. 

Based on the positive customer reviews, the unique features and the awesome touch screen, we believe the Revolution R180 Toaster is worth, at the very least, looking into.

Is it Worth it?

Here's the deal...

No one can deny that this smart toaster is expensive! The price rubbed so many people wrong that the vast majority of people who gave it 1 star, didn't even buy it. They were casual Amazon shoppers who felt the need to tell the world, "this toaster is too expensive!"

There are plenty of manual (no touch screen) toasters on the market that will offer you fantastic toast without the huge price tag.

That being said:

If you like cutting edge equipment, dependable toasting, a lot of customization, and most importantly, that awesome touch screen, you can totally justify the price. Again, we have no reason to believe this product is anything short of what Revolution Cooking has advertised.


We love reviewing good products. Shopping online has become one of the easiest ways of adding value to the kitchen with new equipment. We strive to be as honest and helpful as we can with our reviews, so we will update this one as time goes on.

If there is anything we missed or any improvements we can make, please feel free to leave a comment below. 



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