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Organization puts a cook's mind at ease. There's nothing worse than breaking your back to find that one pan at the very back of your cabinet. It's always that one in the very back, under that other thing, stuck between those two other things. It's relentless!

Thankfully, some people (much smarter than me) created some state of the art pull out cabinets to make this process far less frustrating. Below we've outlined the 10 best pull out organizers for pots and pans. 

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Top Rated Products

1) Rev-A-Shelf 21" Two Tier Pan Organizer - Best 21" Two Level Pan Organizer

2) Rev-A-Shelf 12" Two Tier Pan Organizer - Best 12" Two Level Pan Organizer

3) Rev-A-Shelf 21 x 22" Flat Two Tier Kitchen Organizer - Best Flat Surface Cookware Organizer 

4) Lynk Slide Out Bakeware Organizer - Best 12" Flat Bakeware Organizer 

5) Rev-A-Shelf 7 Hook Pan Hanger - Best Pull Out Pan Hanger 

6) Dual-ing Two 7 Hook Pan Hangers - Best Set of 2 Pull Out Pan Hangers 

7) Link Professional Wood Slide Out Cabinet - Best Wood Single Level Pull Out Organizer

8) SimpleHuman 20" Heavy Gauge Kitchen Organizer - Best 20" Single Pull Out Organizer

9) Hardwood Resources 11.5" Wire Pan/Pot Organizer  - Best 11.5" Single Level Pull Out Organizer

10) Lynk Professional 11" Wire Pan/Pot Organizer - Best 11" Single Level Pull Out Organizer

10 Best Pull Out Organizers
for Pots and Pans

1) Rev-A-Shelf 21" Two Tier Pan Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf has a myriad of pull out organizers on Amazon and they all have two things in common:

1) High ratings

2) High price

Yes, I know most of us shudder at the "higher price" label, but we've learned to love companies who provide quality workmanship with a marginally higher price. We've found that 90% of the time, the products pay for themselves in the long run. 

Having the bonus quality of two shelves, you can store both your pots and pans, and their respective lids in the same cabinet. This ensures optimal organization while making everything easily accessible.

Even the people who were unsatisfied with this model commented that it was of high quality material. Most of the negative reviews were written by people who were complaining about things that reflected their lack of proper research in the product itself (not everyone, just a lot of them).

Before you buy, make sure the design will fit in your cabinet. This pull out organizer requires a 20.5" or greater opening.

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Ergonomic
  • Sturdy, high quality material
  • Easy to install (no need for handyman skills with most cabinet spaces)
  • Customer product use videos in reviews


  • Very large pots and pans won't fit
  • Higher price
  • Instructions not super clear

2) Rev-A-Shelf 12" Two Tier Pan Organizer

A smaller (yet identical) version of the Rev-A-Shelf above, this 12" (11.75" actually) base cabinet organizer received similar customer feedback to the larger Rev-A-Shelf above.

If you have any questions about customer feedback regarding this model, look at the summary here

This pull out cabinet requires a 12" or greater cabinet opening to work appropriately. Make sure you have the right space.

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Ergonomic
  • Sturdy, high quality material
  • Easy to install (no need for handyman skills with most cabinet spaces)
  • Customer product use videos in reviews


  • Very large pots and pans won't fit
  • Higher price
  • Instructions not super clear

3) Rev-A-Shelf 21 x 22" Two Tier Flat Kitchen Organizer

Yes, you'll find this review to be dominated by Rev-A-Shelf products. Truth is, they have a lineup that blows everyone else out of the water. To point you in any other direction would be a misstep on our part.

While pan/pot racks can be helpful, they can also be limiting in what you can store. Rev-A-Shelf's flat, pull out organizers are perfect for those who'd like to keep their options open.

Store your pots/pans, store your pantry goods, heck...store whatever you'd like. The flat design is completely indiscriminate of anything. The important thing is that it makes your life more convenient by decluttering.

If a flat, pullout shelf is what you're after, then this would most definitely be our first point of interest. With over 250 Amazon reviews, it has somehow sustained a 4.8 / 5 star rating (as of 10/12/2020). A pretty remarkable feat for any product, especially one that sells for over $100.

Rev-A-Shelf also offers different sized organizers to make it fit seamlessly with your particular cabinet space. 

Here are their current size options:

9 x 18", 9 x 22", 12 x 18", 12 x 22", 15 x 22", 18 x 22", and 21 x 22"

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Instruction illustrations to walk you through installation
  • "No more reaching to the back of cabinets."
  • Very sturdy


  • Illustrations on instructions are a little small
  • Higher price

4) Lynk Slide Out Bakeware Organizer

While the picture shows only bakeware, these dividers can be useful for separating just about anything. Store cutting boards, cookie sheets, pans, smaller pots, and just about anything else you can think of. 

This will give you more storage options than a strict pan organizer, while offering more organization than a flat (no divider) design. It's the perfect medium for those who are looking for a some kitchen consolidation.

With over 750 Amazon reviews this model has sustained a 4.8 / 5 star rating (as of 10/12/2020). A substantial footprint in kitchen organization.

This Lynk model is 21" deep and 10" wide, requiring that you have a minimum cabinet opening of 11" and a 22.5 inch (approximate) depth. This will ensure you have ample room for your new organizer. 

It also comes with an alignment template which many reviewers thought was helpful. The company definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you have a simple installation.

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Clear instructions
  • Comes with alignment template
  • Great organizer
  • Smooth slide mechanism


  • Will not work with overly large items (limited by your cabinet size)

5) Rev-A-Shelf Glideware 7 Hook Pan Organizer

The Rev-A-Shelf is exactly what it looks like. A really really cool way to store your cookware. Not only does it offer a slick way of pulling out your pots/pans, but it also reduces the risk of scratching your them against one another.

This unit is equipped with a "dampened close" which forces it to softly retract so pans have a lower chance of banging up against each other (they can still bang if you throw the thing closed). 

While nifty in nature, you'll be restricted to storing only equipment that has a handle with the a hole in it. We would only recommend this pull out cabinet if you only plan to store these types of items.

You may be able to use the floor of the cabinet if you're hanging smaller items. Either way, if you change your mind in the future, installation and disassembly are easy. Check the reviews on Amazon and see for yourself.

Don't be intimidated by your larger cookware, this pull out organizer's weight capacity is 100 Lbs. It should have no problem holding your everyday cookware sets.  

Dimensions: Height: 4-1/8" Depth: 22-3/4" Width: 4"
Minimum Opening and Depth: Minimum Cabinet Depth: 22-3/4" Minimum Opening Width: 6-3/4"

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Smooth glide feature
  • "Dampened close" so pans don't bang against each other when retracting
  • Easy to install 
  • No more scratching pots and pans


  • Expensive when you could make it on your own
  • Higher price

6) Dual-ing Glideware Set of Two 7 Hook Pan Organizers

Hard to tell exactly how this model and the Rev-A-Shelf pan organizer above are different. Thankfully, both have solid customer reviews

If you've got a lot of pans to hang (up to 14), two 7-hook pan organizers may just be the perfect fit for you. This is ideal for those who have a lot of cookware on hand and are adamant about organization (like me). 

You can separate two cookware sets so you always know where everything is. This becomes increasingly nice as you use expand your cookware sets. 

With the easy 4-screw installation (for each glider), there's really nothing to be intimidated by. Installation was a breeze according to the vast majority of reviewers. 

It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty. If anything goes wrong, give them a call. We have no reason to believe (based on customer reviews) that this company wouldn't stay to their word. 

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Can use in the same cabinet if large enough
  • Smooth and even operation
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to use
  • "No more hunting for the right pan."


  • Very large pots and pans won't fit
  • Higher price
  • Doesn't work well with shorter cabinets

7)  Lynk Professional Wood Slide-Out Cabinet

The Lynk wood slide-put cabinet is a slightly more stylish, vintage variation of the pull-out cookware organizer. Offering you all the benefits of a flat pull-out cabinet without the tacky, wire design.

It was unanimous, people loved the high quality material and smooth operation. While there is no "soft-closing" function, people were very happy with the smooth feel of the industrial-grade ball bearing glide system. 

With just 4 screws, the Lynk slide-out cabinet is ready to go. Installation should be a swift and painless process. That being said, there were both positive and negative responses about Lynk's customer service. Our advise to you...

If you have a complicated cabinet system (a large dip inside your cabinet), we recommend talking to your local handyman to see if it will function properly.

Lynk offers several different sized models:

11"W x 21"D, 14"W x 21"D,  17"W x 21"D, and 20"W x 21"D

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Solid construction
  • Smooth operation
  • Very easy installation


  • Only extends a little past halfway
  • Pricey
  • Not "soft closing"

8)  SimpleHuman 20" Heavy Gauge Cabinet Organizer

Another simple design with a few extra perks, this is the SimpleHuman pull-out cabinet organizer. It features just about all the cool qualities of models above, with the addition of a tray to keep things from falling through the cracks.

This model is great for those who are looking for a stable, flat surface without the wood look. We understand that the vintage, wood appearance doesn't vibe with all kitchens. This unit is more aesthetically versatile that other models, fitting seamlessly in most kitchen designs. 

It also features higher side walls, keeping items from falling off as you roll it in and out. There are several size options to choose from:

9" Width, 14" Width and 20" model options.

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Great for deep cabinets
  • Strong, sturdy
  • Easy to install 
  • Smooth functionality


  • Don't slide out more than halfway
  • Complaints of warped liner

9)  Hardware Resources Pots and Pans Organizer 

As a 1-tiered system, the Hardware pots and pan organizer works perfectly for those looking to store a 6 piece cookware set. It also has adjustable dividers so you can adjust according to size.

A quality that really stuck out to us was how this organizer comes out all the way (take a look at the picture on amazon). This makes accessing the pans/pots much easier (which is the whole reason we buy a pull out organizer, right?

This unit also has a 100 Lb weight capacity making it perfectly capable of holding a regular cookware set without issues.

Several people complained about the poor quality of the plastic dividers. Other said they didn't have any issues. This is the only gamble we see in purchasing the Hardware Resources pots/pans organizer.

Dimensions: 18.74 x 11.5 x 9.02 inches

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Easy installation
  • Prevents pots and pans from scratching each other
  • Heavy duty
  • Smooth operation


  • Plastic dividers break over time
  • Not great customer service

10)  Lynk Professional Pull Out Pan/Pot Organizer

The Lynk pull out pan organizer is an awesome option for those looking to store a small cookware set. With two rows of 4 adjustable dividers, you can comfortably fit most small-medium sized pots and any sized pans. 

With that being said, this unit will only pull out 3/4 of the way. This can make storing larger pots and pans a little more difficult. You should have no problem as long as you store the bigger pans/pots in the front. 

The pictures on Amazon can help you see how much the rack pulls out. This will allow you to visualize whether this pull out cabinet is right for your cookware. 

Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 10.9 inches

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Adjustable dividers
  • Very thorough instructions
  • Easy to install
  • Great for smaller cookware sets
  • Customer product use videos in reviews


  • Dividers don't last (Lynk may have updated the dividers)
  • Only 3/4 extension drawer
  • Stores pans better than pots (difficult with taller pots)

Consider Before You Buy


We highly recommend taking the time to look at the required cabinet space for the pull out cabinet in question. There's nothing worse than following the excitement of ordering something new, with the disappointment of it not fitting correctly.

We not only included the dimensions of each product listed, but we also included the minimum space needed for each pull out organizer to function properly. 

Extension Limits?

This seems to be an area where a lot of people did not conduct research. While all pull out cabinets "pull out", not all organizers "pull out" the same amount.

For example, the Lynk wood pull-out cabinet only extends just over halfway, while the Rev-A-Shelf Two Tier Pan Organizer extends about 100%. 

If the company isn't explicit about how far the cabinet pulls out, check their pictures and videos (if available). If the pictures aren't helpful, check the 1 star customer reviews. People were notoriously upset about this quality and reported it in the negative customer reviews.

Surface Type?

There are 3 general surface types to consider with pull-out organizers:

1) Flat Wire Surface w/ Dividers

This is ideal for those who only plan on using this cabinet for pans, pots or bakeware. If you'd like more options, you may want to look at the flat surfaced options. 

2) Flat Wire Surface w/ no Dividers

Flat wire designs are convenient in that they allow you to store basically whatever you want. As long as it can comfortably sit on a flat surface, you can store it there. However, smaller appliances may fall through the gaps in the wire. Just something to keep in mind. There is a flat wire surface option with an included plastic tray to keep smaller items from falling.  

3) Flat Non-wire Surface 

If wire isn't your preferred material, there is also a wood design pull out cabinet that has received really great reviews.

Qualities to Look For

High Quality Ball Bearing Design

Thankfully, every single model included received positive reviews regarding the "smoothness" of the cabinet travel. Industrial grade ball bearings are relatively cheap and it would be a huge mistake for manufacturers to use anything else. 

If you decide to go in a different direction, make sure and look at the reviews regarding the tracks and bearings over time. There's nothing worse than drilling holes in your cabinet, only to have a squeaky or stuck pull-out cabinet. 

Good Customer Service

It's ALWAYS a good idea to double check to make sure customer service is good, but it's especially important when you're talking about having to install the product. 

If you have any questions, any missing parts, or any concerns at all, you'll want to make sure the customer service will be attentive in resolving your problem as soon as possible. Type "customer service" into the questions and answers tab on amazon. This will filter out all customer reviews regarding customer service. 


Kitchen organization is something we take very seriously here at Robust Kitchen. We hope this was helpful in revealing products that will help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or comments, leave a note below.



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