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Last updated on March 12, 2023


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When you search for “potato soup recipe” online, you’re inundated with hundreds of recipes, all claiming that they’re the best.

It’s almost impossible to know at a glance which potato soup recipe is the one that you actually want to make.

I tested the top three potato soups, following the recipes exactly. Here are the results!



All-Recipes: “Absolutely Ultimate Potato Soup” - This soup had the best flavor and I found myself going back for more. It's only downsides were that the techniques were a little complex and it used a lot of dishes.


Add a Pinch: “Grandmother’s Potato Soup Recipe” - This soup was wicked simple and very tasty for how many ingredients it has. It might be a little too simple for some tastes though.

Dairy-Lovers Favorite

Sugar Spun Run: “The Ultimate Creamy Potato Soup.” - This soup was simple to make and had good flavor, but the diary was almost overpowering. It reminded me of a loaded baked potato soup.

#1 Sugar Spun Run: “The Ultimate Creamy Potato Soup”

Best for Rich and Decadent Flavor


This soup reminded me of a loaded baked potato, and with five kinds of dairy, it is definitely for the milk-lover.

True to its name, this soup was rich, creamy, and flavorful.

This soup was straightforward to make and I liked that it only used one pot.

The only other equipment you’ll dirty are your knife, cutting board, some utensils, and a blender, if using.

While I did blend part of my soup, it would certainly be creamy enough on its own without blending.

Recommendations: Keep some extra stock on hand, I found I needed a bit more than the recipe called for.

And be careful not to over-blend the soup or the potatoes may become gluey. 


  • Excellent flavor
  • Simple and straightforward instructions
  • Easy to find Ingredients
  • The recipe came out exactly like it was described
  • Everyone will like this soup, including kids


  • Can be a little messy to make
  • A fairly long ingredient list
  • A LOT of dairy

#2 Add a Pinch: “Grandmother’s Potato Soup Recipe”

Best for Quick, Easy, & Affordable


This soup reminded me of my Great Grandma’s famous creamed potatoes.

For having just 5 ingredients, I was surprised by how much flavor this soup had.

It’s also pretty fool-proof. You’d have to try really hard to mess this soup up.

This soup was truly a pleasure to make. It was so simple you almost forget you’re actually cooking.

It's about the same amount of work as making a box of macaroni and cheese, but way better.

Recommendations: Salt the water you cook the potatoes in and be sure to add plenty of salt and pepper to the finished dish.


  • Easy to make with only three steps
  • Ingredients are easy to find
  • Great flavor and very affordable
  • Comforting and filling


  • Probably not fancy enough for dinner guests
  • Can be a little bland if you don’t add enough salt and pepper
  • Not as well-rounded flavor as potato soups made with more ingredients

#3 All-Recipes: “Absolutely Ultimate Potato Soup”

Best for Sophisticated Flavor


This soup was my favorite and I would absolutely serve this in a fine-dining restaurant.

It has a base of onions and celery, which really gives it a boost of flavor.

To my surprise, the tarragon and cilantro weren’t overpowering, they added just the right level of freshness.

Though it is an amazing soup, the instructions are a bit more complex and this recipe definitely uses more dishes than most potato soups. 

A great choice if you’ve got some time on your hands and you don’t mind doing a few extra dishes.

Recommendations: Keep some extra stock on hand for thinning and be careful not to over-whip the potatoes. Though the cilantro is very subtle, you could sub parsley if you’re not a fan.


  • Very flavorful
  • Uses advanced, culinary-level techniques in the cooking process
  • Excellent combination of ingredients
  • Unique flavorings like tarragon set this soup apart
  • Number of ingredients are reasonable


  • A more advanced recipe if you’re a beginner
  • Uses a lot of dishes
  • Lots of hands-on work
  • Heavy cleanup


Any one of these soups will make a fantastic dinner.

Shoot for Sugar Spun Run’s recipe if you’re wanting a classic, midwest potato soup with lots of dairy.

If you’re in a hurry or on a budget, you cannot go wrong with Add A Pinch’s Grandma’s Potato Soup.

And finally, we have The Ultimate Potato Soup from All-Recipes; the most work for that fine-dining flavor.

Potato soup is an American favorite and you can’t go wrong with any of these three recipes.


About the author, Savannah

Savannah grew up in Kansas City, where she learned to cook brisket and ribs from her Mom and Grandmother. She's spent the last 10 years in the restaurant industry where she worked her way up from prep cook to Chef instructor. In 2017, Savannah and her partner sold everything that wouldn't fit in their suburban and traveled the US where she got a job cooking in each city they stayed in. Savannah has trained under more than 50 chefs and done everything from running a food truck to making chocolate. She currently runs her own cottage bakery and teaches cooking classes in Northern Colorado.