5 In-N-Out Vegetarian Options – And How to Spice Them Up

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Last updated on September 21, 2022


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We all know about the coveted West Coast burger chain famous for its Animal Style fries and juicy burgers.

And when you’re on the West side of the States (or if you live there), it’s the place to go. But what if you don’t eat meat? Is there anything for you to consume while the carnivores go to town?

We’re happy to report that you can, indeed, savor the delicious red-and-yellow themed burger chain’s food sans burger. 

With some help from the secret menu and a little creativity, you’re sure to leave In-n-Out feeling fully satisfied. Let’s get into how you can indulge that fast food craving without the main ingredient. 

In-N-Out Vegetarian Options


In terms of options without meat, In-N-Out offers a few choices for veggie lovers.

Veggie Sandwich

The Veggie Sandwich is pretty much what it sounds like – a bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Plus there’s cheese and the special secret In-N-Out sauce, if you’re feeling fancy. 

Grilled Cheese

If you want your cheese melted, the grilled cheese is a great option. It comes with veggies as well, but if you’re feeling more Plain Jane, you can ask for just cheese. Or cheese and onion. Cheese and tomato. Whatever you’re feeling, you get the point. No judgment here! 

French Fries


Good news! The french fries are prepared in 100% sunflower oil, so they are veg-friendly! Get all the fries. 

Special Sauce

The special sauce, though a secret, is said to be vegetarian. It does contain mayo and eggs, so it’s not vegan friendly. But there isn’t secret meat in the secret sauce.


The milkshakes, as one would hope, are meat free! They’re made from 100% ice cream. 


If you’re not feeling a milkshake with your fries, you can opt for any of the beverage options In-N-Out offers, including Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up, Dr. Pepper, Barq’s Root Beer, pink lemonade, Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade, iced tea, coffee, milk, and hot chocolate. 

Ways to Spice Up Vegetarian Options


Now if you saw the vegetarian options and thought “Hmmm…where’s the flavor?” I get you. So here are some ways to spice it up.

The best way to jazz up a veggie sandwich or a grilled cheese lies in the onions. You can have them raw sliced, raw chopped, grilled sliced, or grilled chopped. Ask for two kinds to add complex texture and flavor. 

You can also add some fries to your sandwich for extra crunch! Or get the fries Animal Style – special sauce, cheese, and grilled onions. 

The key to za-zing up any veggie option is to add components that will make up for any lost flavor or texture. Get creative and go for what sounds good! 

In-N-Out Vegan Options 


Veggie Sandwich (no cheese) 

If you’re vegan, you can opt for the veggie sandwich without cheese and sauce. The only vegan sauce options at In-N-Out are ketchup and mustard, so add one or both for an upgrade in flavor.

French Fries

As stated, the fries are made in 100% sunflower oil, so they’re vegan friendly. 

Ways to Spice Up Vegan Options


Similar to the vegetarian options, you could add different types of onions to your sandwich, along with fries.

If you want to add anything from home, you could opt for a vegan mayo, avocado, or even hummus. Tomato, lettuce, and onion not enough veg for you? Add any produce you have in your kitchen!



Is In-N-Out Spread Vegetarian?

The spread is veg-friendly!

Is In-N-Out Spread Vegan?

It is not – it has both mayo and eggs.

Is In-N-Out Cheese Vegetarian?


Are In-N-Out Fries Vegetarian?

Yes, they’re made in 100% sunflower oil.

Are In-N-Out Fries Vegan?

Yep, they’re made of potatoes,100% sunflower oil, and salt!

What is the In-N-Out Veggie Burger?

The veggie burger is basically the classic burger without the meat. So it has lettuce, tomato, onion, and spread. Cheese too, if you want.

Are In-N-Out Grilled Onions Vegetarian?

Grilled onions at In-N-Out are cooked on the same grill as the meat. If potential cross-contamination is a concern for you, opt for the fresh onions only!

Does In-N-Out Have a Veggie Patty?

In-N-Out does not currently have a veggie patty. 

Does In-N-Out Have an Impossible Burger?

In-N-Out does not have an Impossible/Beyond Burger/fake meat option at this time. 


Though it can be difficult to eat at meat-centered fast food restaurants as a vegetarian or vegan, it is possible! With a little extra thought and inventiveness, it’s easy to order something that will satisfy your taste buds and allow you to enjoy your favorite West Coast burger chain without the meat.

Do you have any secret tricks to making your fast food veggie options more exciting and flavorful? Let us know! 


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