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Blue Diamond Pan Review – All Claims Analyzed



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A trustworthy nonstick pan is essential in any kitchen. But how do you choose from the many brands available? Nearly all are backed by celebrity chefs or legions of fans. Before you make your pick, let’s examine the claims for one of the most popular nonstick pans on the market.

Below we've created a comprehensive Blue Diamond pan review to analyze every claim the company advertises. All of our research comes from verified buyers, high authority review sites and our own food science expertise.


What is the Blue Diamond Pan?

Blue Diamond is a brand of nonstick cookware made of aluminum with a ceramic “diamond-infused” nonstick coating. Frying pans and saucepans in different sizes are available, as well as an 11-inch grill pan and a griddle, plus a few larger items.

The brand makes some frankly outlandish claims that would be hard to believe at triple the price point. Blue Diamond also gives a few instructions, although many users do not appear to heed these suggestions. In fairness, this may be because the instructions directly contradict the company’s claims.

For example:

Instructions By Blue Diamond

Advertising Claims

Hand-wash the pan


Always use high-smoke point oil

Nothing will stick to the pan no matter what!

Use wood or nylon utensils

Metal-utensil resistant!

Always use on low-to-medium heat

Safe to 850°F!

“Please note: metal handles may become hot; use caution while cooking.”

Handle is designed to stay cool!

Let’s examine the greatest of Blue Diamond’s 
marketing claims one-by-one.

Claims Analyzed

  • Durability


Their coating is five times harder, lasts ten times longer, and heats up four times faster compared to “traditional” nonstick pans. 


Not really...

What makes a pan “nonstick” in the first place? Most pans are made of metal, which expands upon heating. The small pore-like apertures in the surface of the pan widen, allowing food to entangle and stick. Nonstick pans solve this problem with some kind of coating that fills in the pores. This coating can be scratched, chipped, or dissolved until it no longer works. 

Looking closely at this proclamation placed prominently across Blue Diamond’s website, some tiny print just beneath it reads, “Diamonds are 4x’s more heat conductive than copper" based on Technical Report 70181856C from CSA Group from May 2018. It remains unclear whether the CSA report refers only to the third claim (about heat conductivity) or the first two as well. 

Either way, saying that diamonds conduct heat more efficiently than copper, while accurate, is not the same as saying that aluminum covered in a diamond-infused ceramic coating conducts heat more efficiently than copper. It seems, from this asterisked small print, that Blue Diamond misrepresents their product when they claim it heats more rapidly than other cookware. 

Customer reviews bring out the truth of this; several scientifically-minded buyers checked Blue Diamond saucepans’ time-to-boil compared to the same size saucepans in other brands, and found that Blue Diamond did not compare favorably. Consumer Reports scores Blue Diamond highly (5/5) for speed of heating, but other comparable nonstick brands also score very well in this category. 

As for being “5 times harder and 10 times more durable," these assertions are also questionable but will be examined in more detail below. 
  • Toxic Chemical Free


The Blue Diamond Pans are free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.  


Probably, but impossible to independently verify.

PFAS refers to a group of chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, of which the best known is PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), or C8. These chemicals are very resistant to breakdown in the human body, potentially leading to congenital disabilities, hormone disorders, or cancer

Since 2015, all cookware sold in the United States (and most of the world) has been free of these chemicals. However, manufacturing processes for PFAS and PFOA-free alternatives may leave behind traces of heavy metals like lead or cadmium, which have been linked to neurological disorders plus damage to the kidneys, bones, and liver. 

Blue Diamond states unequivocally that their coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, cadmium, and lead. However, because their products are manufactured in China, oversight is limited, and we were unable to verify this claim through an independent source. While it is likely that PFAS and PFOA have been eliminated from their process, because this is a global standard, there is no way to be certain of the coating’s heavy metal content.

  • Oven Safe


The Blue Diamond Pan is oven safe up to 850°F



Manufactured with aluminum, diamond, and silicone derivatives, it is certainly plausible that the Blue Diamond pan could withstand such a high temperature. However, it is important to note that this temperature refers to the oven-safe limit, and the pan does not tolerate extreme direct heat. Company instructions, as well as customer feedback, suggest that the pan performs best over low-to-medium heat on the stovetop. 

  • Completely Non-Stick


Food doesn't stick to their coating, period


Under specific conditions and cleaned appropriately....maybe. 

The veracity of this claim is dubious, to say the least. Blue Diamond is currently embroiled in a class-action lawsuit for false advertising. Though parts of the suit were dismissed (including allegations of violation of warranty and unjust enrichment), the false advertising claim has recently advanced to a Florida court. It remains undecided as of this writing. 

Verified customers express regret that the pan seems to perform admirably for the first few months, but then loses its nonstick properties. While it is impossible to know for sure, this raises the question of whether or not Blue Diamond owners are cleaning their pans properly

Because instructions forbid the use of abrasive sponges, many reviewers report wiping or rinsing their pans, unaware that many invisible food particles are left behind. Over time, these particles build up, creating a microscopic layer that adheres readily to new food in the pan. It takes several months of use for this to happen.  

Unsurprisingly, after 3-5 months many users complain that the pan begins to perform less effectively. A product like Bar Keeper’s Friend, which chemically dissolves the layer of food particles, will once again expose the nonstick surface, helping it work . Cleaned in this way every month or so (and otherwise treated according to manufacturer’s directions), a nonstick pan should maintain a functional coating for years.

  • Metal Utensil Resistant


The Blue Diamond Pan is metal utensil resistant



Customers who use the pan as recommended (with oil and non-abrasive utensils) find Blue Diamond’s performance perfectly satisfactory. Those daredevils who risk a metal tool on the coating find themselves quickly disappointed. 

It is worth noting that Consumer Reports has applied standardized tests to this claim, which involves 2,000 strokes with a steel wool pad on the surface of a frying pan to mimic sharp metal utensils. Blue Diamond scored “very good” in this area (4/5), which is on par with nearly every other recognizable nonstick brand on the market (only 2 of the 22 brands tested performed better, and 1 performed worse).

  • Stay Cool Handle


The Blue Diamond Pan's handle stays cool


Maybe Compared to Others... 

Consumer Reports rates this aspect highly in testing (5/5), but customer reviews of the product repeatedly complain about this flaw. Several reviews suggest overheating happens when the pan is smaller than the burner. It's hard to tell with the conflicting testimonies. 

It may stay cooler than competitor pans, but it will ultimately still get hot given the right circumstances. We don't suggest buying the pan solely on this quality.   

  • Lifetime Warranty


Blue Diamond offers a lifetime warranty on their pan


By technicality only.

Blue diamond claims to offer a lifetime warranty on its product, which sounds wonderful until you read it closely. "[I]f it is found to be defective,” it states, “BlueDiamond will repair any faulty workmanship free of charge, [but] other damage is excluded from the warranty...This warranty does not cover stains, discoloration or scratches due to normal wear and tear” (emphasis added). Numerous customer experiences make it clear that the company believes scratches from metal utensils to fall under the heading of “normal wear and tear," despite their marketing hype.     

Is it Worth It?

We think so, but you should know the facts...


  • Low Price
  • Lightweight
  • Coating is probably more durable than most
  • Lots of size and shape options
  • Superior heat distribution
  • Two color choices


  • Cannot verify toxin-free claims
  • Being sued for false advertising
  • Can’t use with induction stove
  • Chips with stacking
  • Warranty is limited and misleading

Our Conclusion

Blue Diamond delivers a flawed but respectable product at a competitive price. The stay-cool handle is a gamble entirely, but the other features appear to be consistent with what you would expect for this price point.

Overall, customers who ignore the marketing bluster and use this product according to the manufacturer’s recommendations appear to be happier with it overall than comparable (but more expensive) brands on the market. 

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10-Piece Blue
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14-Piece Blue 
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At Robust Kitchen we understand the importance of transparency when researching a product. We've done our best here to reveal all that this pan is, and isn't.

If there is anything we missed, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.



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