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Any experienced cook will tell you the most time consuming part of cooking is the prep work. While some of us have opted out by purchasing pre-sliced veggies and fruits, some of us hold true to the old fashioned way. You simply can't beat freshly chopped. So where do we draw the line? When does chopping become too much of a hassle?

Wherever you draw the line, you should know there's an easier way.

Vegetable shredders take all the time, energy and monotony out of chopping food. The most common buyer's response is how much time and energy has been taken out of their prep time. If you find yourself chopping often and want an alternative to speed up the process, I can't recommend it enough.

Here are the 14 best vegetable shredders of 2021. This includes review count, warranty info, unique product features, customer pros and cons, and an overall summary based on the consensus of verified buyers.


Recommended Products

1) FullStar Mandoline and Spiralizer

  • 6 interchangeable blades
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe (Top Shelf)
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Safety glove included
  • Very versatile

2) Spiralizer 7-Blade Spiralizer

  • 7 Interchangeable Blades
  • Includes Blade Caddy for Safe Storage
  • BPA Free
  • Japanese 420 Grade Steel
  • Includes Pasta Attachments
  • Lifetime Warranty

3) Presto Electric Slicer/Shredder

  • 4 Interchangeable Cones
  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Large food chamber
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1 year limited warranty

4) Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

  • 7 Interchangeable Blades
  • Includes Blade Caddy for Safe Storage
  • BPA Free
  • Japanese 420 Grade Steel Blades
  • 4 Recipe E-Books
  • Lifetime Replacement Policy

5) BELLA Electric Spiralizer (14641)

6) Mueller Austria 5-Blade

  • 5 Blade Options
  • 420 Grade Steel Blades
  • Slicing, Julienne, and Grating
  • Knob Controlled Thickness (1-9mm)
  • Lifetime Warranty

7) DASH Safe Slice Mandoline

  • Internal Blades (For Safe Cutting)
  • 30 Preset Cuts (1-8mm)
  • Comes in 3 Different Color Options
  • Includes Brush
  • 1 Year Warranty (2 Year w/ Feel Good Rewards Registration)

8) FullStar 5-Blade Mandoline
and 3-in-1 Spiralizer

Currently Unavailable

  • 5 Interchangeable Blades
  • Slicing, Grating and Chopping
  • Inserts Allow Cut Size Changes
  • Comes with Finger Guard and Glove for Safety
  • FDA and LFGB Approved
  • Dishwasher Safe (Top Shelf)
  • BPA Free
  • 1 Year Warranty (2 Year w/ Feel Good Rewards Registration)

9) FullStar 6-Blade
Mandoline and Spiralizer

  • 6 Interchangeable Blades
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Comes with Finger Guard and Glove (for safety)
  • Nontoxic ABS Plastic and BPA Free
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Unknown Warranty

10) Presto 02910 Salad Shooter

  • Shoots Food Right into a Bowl, Pizza or Soup
  • Interchangeable Cutting Cones
  • 125 Watts
  • Motor Base Wipes Clean
  • One Hand on the Food and One Hand on the Handle
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

11) Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor

  • Can Puree on top of Shredding
  • BPA Free
  • 8 Cup Capacity
  • Large Feed Chute
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 2 Speeds Plus Pulse
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

12) Newhai Electric Commercial

Vegetable Fruit Slicer

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Slice thickness adjustable 0-10mm
  • Can be used manually or electrically
  • Great customer service
  • Large food trough 9.8’’x 5.1’’
  • High quality stainless steel

13) Ourokhome Manual Rotary

Cheese Grater

  • Multifunctional Mandolin Slicer
  • 3 blades included - slicing, shredding, coarse shredding
  • 7 colors available
  • 360° Blade
  • Small - takes up minimal space
  • 5 year warranty 
  • No electricity needed

14) Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Stainless Steel Cutter & Slicer

  • Stainless Steel - razor sharp blades
  • Easy to clean + dishwasher safe 
  • Slices very thin 
  • Small, takes up very little space
  • Julienne, slice or peel 
  • Cleaning brush included 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Qualities to Look For

1) Safety

By far the most critical variable in choosing the right vegetable shredder is safety. You may not know it, but most of the vegetable choppers available require your full attention to use properly without injury. We've included  in-depth safety features and common customer concerns for each vegetable shredder below. Take the time to choose the right model for your particular safety requirements. 

2) Blade Material

Thankfully, we really don't have to worry about blade quality anymore. High quality steel is way cheaper and more accessible than it used to be. All the models we've detailed have high quality stainless steel varieties that cut extremely well. If you must go for the highest quality steel, the 420 Japanese steel has received the greatest response from verified buyers. 

3) Versatility

What will you be using the vegetable shredder for? Besides basic level vegetable chopping, do you need multiple blade options for special use? Do you need variable thickness? The simplest spiralizer will grant you 5 different blade options for making varying types of cuts. For those who want more options, there are several shredders that offer 7 blades. The price difference is negligible, so I recommend going for the higher blade option models. 

4) Electric or Manual?

Here are your options. Buy a manual mandoline/spiralizer that will require slightly more elbow grease, but will offer you a lifetime warranty. Or, buy an electric unit and count on it to eventually go bad, because electronics notoriously do. Both are fantastic at shredding vegetables, it just depends on what makes more sense to you. 

5) Ease of Cleaning

From what I've been able to tell, the unanimous response to all the vegetable slicers is the ease of cleaning. For less parts to clean, look for the electric units. Some of the products will stain from the vegetables if not cleaned shortly after cutting. We reveal this in the cons list of the particular vegetable shredders.

6) Mandeline, Spiralizer or Salad Shooter?

  • Mandelines work best for larger vegetables like onions and apples.
  • Spiralizers work best for longer, larger diameter cuts like zucchinis and cucumbers. 
  • Salad Shooters are best for on-the-go cutting. Say, for example, you want to slice a few apple slices onto a salad.

All will successfully do most chopping jobs. Just keep in mind what you'll be spending the most time cutting. 

Vegetable Shredder Reviews

1) Fullstar Mandoline and Spiralizer

  • Cost: Low
  • Warranty: Unknown
  • # Reviews: Over 18,300 Amazon reviews


  • 2.03 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches

Unique Features

  • 6 interchangeable blades - 2x Mandolin, Julienne, Ribbon cut, Spiral cut, and Grater
  • Stainless steel blades - high quality and razor sharp
  • Protective glove + cleaning tool included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Blade container for storage
  • Catch tray for easy cleanup


  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Can be used for veggies, fruit, cheese, meat and more
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • "It is pretty much life changing."
  • Slices quickly 


  • Blades not packaged safely when first opening
  • Small - can be awkward to use


With over 18,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5 star rating (as of 11/26/2021), we can safely say this is a great budget option that will get the job done. A super compact machine with 6 interchangeable blades won’t take up much space in your kitchen. This is not electric, and it will take some man-power to slice or grate what you need, but the included safety glove and finger guard make for quick and safe preparation. The blade storage box is especially nice for those cooks who love an organized kitchen space. 

For us, the convenience of your food being perfectly sliced into a container makes it well worth it. We hate having to use extra bowls, and Fullstar has taken out the middleman and lets you do everything in one place. It’s even better that you can throw the pieces in the dishwasher for super quick clean-up.

Be aware that the Fullstar slicer is quite small. Some customers complained about it feeling awkward to use. Besides that, it seems well worth the money. 

2) Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable and Pasta Spiralizer 

  • Cost: Low
  • Warranty: Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement 
  • # Reviews: Over 11,700 Amazon reviews


  • 1.81 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 20 x 27 inches

Unique Features

  • 7 Interchangeable Blades (Angel Hair, Fine Shredding, Coarse Shredding, Curly Fries, Flat, Coarse/Wavy, and Fine/Wavy Blades 
  • Japanese 420 Grade Steel
  • Blade Caddy for Safe Storage
  • 4 Spiralizer Recipe Ebooks
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Suction Cup Feet


  • Suction Cup Feet Age Well
  • Successfully Creates Very Long Noodles
  • Easy Clean Up with Included Brush
  • Nice Blade Organization Tray
  • Much Safer Product
  • Great for Zucchini, Carrots, etc.


  • Output is Not Well Suited for  a Bowl to Catch Vegetables
  • Angel Hair is a little Coarse
  • Have to Use a Bit of Pressure with this Unit
  • Known to Occasionally Slip


Having a machine that takes the tediousness out of chopping veggies is enough to change the dynamic of the kitchen. Having 7 different blade options to get as close to your ideal cut as possible...

that's a game changer.

Some of us are very particular about having the right cut for the job. Having the ample options to chop will create the ideal cut for each dish, which is an incredible perk to this unit.

There were a few complaints about the output of the machine not ideal for a bowl or container. It works better with a flatter, longer surface. Weigh out the pros and cons and see if this unit is for you.

  • Cost: Average
  • Warranty: 1 year limited  
  • # Reviews: Over 6,700 Amazon reviews


  • 3.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 4.12 inches

Unique Features

  • 4 Interchangeable Blades - medium shred, super shred, thick slice, ripple slice
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Point and shoot where you need food, no extra cleanup
  • Stainless Steel Blades


  • Point and shoot where you need, no extra cleanup
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Versatile
  • Powerful motor and large food chamber
  • "This machine just won't quit!"


  • 'Fine Shredder' not included
  • Slow cone rotation
  • Not great at slicing very soft or very hard foods
  • Food accumulates in cylinder housing
  • Bulky, heavy and loud


This little electric machine is pretty cool. The point-and-shoot idea is a concept that we like for people who cook a lot and would enjoy saving some time. 

With almost 7,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5 star rating (as of 26/11/2021) at such a low price, we think this machine could be a great addition to any kitchen. A lot of people swear that this is THE machine for shredding cheese, but it really does so much more than that. The powerful motor can handle fruits and vegetables, but is unique in that it also makes cookie, cracker and bread crumbs. It is said to be loud, but this seems to be the case with most electric machines. 

Quite a few customers were not happy about the “fine shredder” being sold separately, as this is usually a basic attachment for food shredders. A few customers also said the parts got warped in the dishwasher, even though the company claims they should be dishwasher-safe. 

4) Brieftons 7-Blade Manual Spiralizer 

  • Cost: Low-Average
  • Warranty: Lifetime No Hassle Replacement Policy
  • # Reviews: Over 11,300 Amazon reviews


  • 3.51 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30.2 x 15.5 x 21 inches

Unique Features

  • 7 Interchangeable Blades
  • 2mm Angel Hair, 3mm Fine Shredding, 5mm Medium, 12mm Large Shredding, Fat Slicer, Wavy Slicer, and Curly Fry Blade
  • Japanese 420 Steel Blades
  • Blade Caddy for Safe Storage
  • Catch Container and Keep Fresh Lid
  • Includes 4 Recipe Ebooks
  • Super Size Suction Pad


  • Awesome Storage Tray and Lid
  • Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Blade Options are Vast
  • Blades Extremely Sharp
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Great for Eating Healthy
  • Sturdier than Other Models


  • Carrots can be difficult
  • A little more waste than usual
  • Carrots will stain unit if not cleaned quickly


Alright, so I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between this unit and the 7-Blade Spiralizer above. They're apparently owned by different companies, but the design looks practically identical. We decided to put this unit on as well because of its exceedingly high review count and rating. With over 11,300 Amazon reviews, the Brieftons 7-blade spiralizer has maintained a 4.6 / 5 star review (as of 11/24/2021). A true testament to how much people loved this spiralizer.

The common theme with spiralizers is their struggle with carrots. In order for a spiralizer to work effectively, the diameter must be big enough. Carrots are usually too small and require a little more attention. Just something to keep in mind.

5) BELLA Electric 4-in-1 Spiralizer  

  • Cost: Low-Average
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited 
  • # Reviews: Over 1,200 Amazon reviews


  • 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.13 x 5.91 x 7.48 inches

Unique Features

  • Electric and Hands Free!
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts
  • Hard Bristle Cleaning Brush
  • Long Food Catching Tray


  • Way Safer
  • Great for Large quantities
  • Nice and Compact
  • Simple to Use and Clean
  • Can Handle Harder Veggies Like Butternut Squash
  • Minimal Food Wastage
  • Great for Arthritic Hands


  • Doesn't Last as Long as Manual Spiralizers
  • 6 Inch Max Capacity Veggies
  • Random Complaints of Breaking within First few Tries (2 Year warranty Can Help with This)
  • Tray too Small


The Bella electric spiralizer is undoubtedly the best electric spiralizer available. Nothing else even compares. There are some obvious perks to going electric, but just in case you didn't know: 

- No Manual Labor

- Blade Safely Tucked Away

- Fantastic For Large Quantities of Food

Be advised, electric units do not have the longevity that some of their manual counterparts do. Thankfully, Bella has a 2 year warranty to help you rest easy if anything goes wrong. 

6) Mueller 5-Blade Adjustable

  • Cost: Low-Average
  • Warranty: Lifetime 
  • # Reviews: Over 21,200 Amazon reviews


  • 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.46 x 6.14 x 5.12 inches

Unique Features

  • 5 Interchangeable Blades (Slicer Blade, Wavy Blade, Shredder, Coarse Shredder, Grater)
  • German Engineered 420 Hardened Surgical Steel
  • LFGB Approved and BPA Free Plastic
  • Knob Controlled, Adjustable Slicer (1-9mm)
  • Slice Guard with Stainless Steel Guard
  • Blade Storage Compartment


  • Great Slicing Guard 
  • Saves Tons of Time
  • Sturdy Legs (Doesn't Move Around Easily)
  • Perfect Slices
  • Easy to Clean
  • Thick, Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Versatile, "Handles everything we throw at it."


  • Mandolines are Generally the Most Unsafe
  • Blade Storage Compartment Requires you Always Have One Blade in the Mandonline (Inconvenient for storage)
  • Cleaning can Be Unsafe with Sharp exposed Blades
  • Bulky Structure


We are shocked when we write a review and Mueller isn't on it. Mueller continuously makes products that meet the criteria of higher-end brands, but without the notoriously high price tag. Buyers responded joyously to the easy slicing guard, sharp blades, and sturdy feel of the Mueller mandoline. This product also has over 21,200 Amazon reviews, which means there has been plenty of time for all the bugs and fixes to be exposed. 

I will say, mandolines are exceptionally dangerous if handled carelessly. Even handled with care, injuring yourself is always a possibility. Mandolines are probably the fastest choppers, but if safety is of the utmost importance, we recommend looking into some of the safer chopping options (check out the DASH safe slice mandoline below). 

7) DASH Safe Slice Mandoline  

  • Cost: Average
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty (2 Year w/ Feel Good Rewards Registration)
  • # Reviews: Over 11,700 Amazon reviews


  • 2.35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches

Unique Features

  • Internal Blade Means No Possible Contact w/ Blades
  • 30 Different Preset Cuts (1-8mm)
  • Folds Up for Easy Storage
  • Suction Cup Feet
  • Food Catch Container
  • Includes Cleaning Brush
  • Includes Recipe Guide and Recipe Database Access


  • Even the Bad Reviews said, "all safety features exactly as described."
  • A "must have for all home chefs."
  • Great for Arthritic Hands
  • Suctions Cups Stick Steadily
  • Great for French Fries
  • Replaces Unsafe Mandoline


  • Have to Cut Some Veggies to Size to get them to Fit in Chute
  • Cleaning Difficult when Slicing Extra Thin
  • Not Great for Tomatoes (Dicing Function not Perfected)
  • Not Great for Cheese


I used to cut onions in huge quantities at big festivals when I was younger. Using the mandoline at such a high frequency was just waiting for an accident to happen. Dash took it upon themselves to create a product with the convenience that a mandoline offers, but without the constant concern of cutting yourself. The blade is entirely internal and you don't push the food into the blade, an external knob does. Absolutely brilliant.

While the safety features are definitely indispensable, there were some food items that did not meet the customer's expectations. Dicing, cutting cheese, and cutting larger vegetables (larger than the chute) seemed to give the mandoline problems. Don't take these complaints too seriously; the VAST majority of the cutting responses were impeccable. 

8) FullStar 5-Blade Mandoline and Bonus 3-in-1 Spiralizer 

  • Cost: Average
  • Warranty: 100% Money Back Guarantee 
  • # Reviews: Over 11,000 Amazon reviews


  • 3.79 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches

Unique Features

  • 5 Interchangeable Blades (Large Dicer, Small Dicer, Julienne, Mandoline and Grater Blades)
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Easy to Use Adjuster Dial
  • Bonus Handheld Spiralizer
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • FDA and LFGB Approved and BPA Free Material
  • NonSlip Base
  • Blade Organizer
  • No Mess Catch Tray


  • Blades Extremely Sharp (easy cutting)
  • Container Catches all Slices (enclosed space)
  • Uniform Slices
  • Takes up Minimal Space
  • Great for Cheese
  • Hand Guard Effective
  • Dice Onions in Seconds


  • Need Some Momentum to Cut Harder Veggies
  • Dicer Pusher Hard to Clean
  • Difficult to Store all the Little Pieces
  • Not Great for Arthritic Hands


A cool spin-off of the regular mandoline, this unit offers several different methods of cutting. You can use the dicing press to easily dice an onion with a little less worry of slicing your fingers. If dicing isn't on your agenda, there is the regular mandoline that requires a little more momentum to cut. This unit also comes with a separate miniature spiralizer to make nice, homemade zoodles.

Some people complained about the force needed to chop some of the harder vegetables. One customer remarked that this isn't due to blade sharpness, but moreover the threshold of force needed to slice these vegetables. Bottom line, you will need some good momentum to slice some of the harder vegetables. Just something to keep in mind. 

9) FullStar 6-Blade Mandeline
and Spiralizer 

  • Cost: Low
  • Warranty: Unknown 
  • # Reviews: Over 18,300 Amazon reviews


  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches

Unique Features

  • 6 Interchangeable Blades (3mm and 5 mm Mandeline Blades, Grate, Julienne, Ribbon Cut and Spiral Cut Blades)
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Includes Finger Protector and Protective Glove
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • NonSlip Base
  • Includes Cleaning Brush and Blade Organizer
  • Enclosed Catching Tray


  • Can be Used For Veggies, Cheese and Meat
  • Finger Guard and Gloves Make Cut Way Safer 
  • Blades Very Sharp
  • Stores Easily and Safely
  • Rubber Grips Help From Moving While Slicing


  • Spiral Cutting Takes some Getting Used to
  • Gloves too Small for Larger Hands
  • Narrow Width
  • Not Great for Carrots


Another mandoline with a few extra safety features included to help reduce the risk of injury. The finger guard and protective glove makes assembling and using the mandoline much safer. While some manufacturers tried to completely redesign the mandoline, FullStar felt they could make it safer by placing protective material on the hand instead of the mandoline. An admirable take on an already great design. 

If you have larger hands, you may need to invest in a pair of bigger chopping gloves. These gloves are apparently medium sized and too small for some folks. This unit also has a smaller width which means the veggies need to be small enough to fit. 

10) Presto 02910 Electric Salad Shooter 

  • Cost: Low
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited 
  • # Reviews: Over 6,700 Amazon reviews


  • 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.9 x 4.2 inches

Unique Features

  • Food Shoots Right into a Bowl, Pizza or Soup 
  • Interchangeable Slicing and Shredding Cones
  • 125 Watts
  • Shreds Vegetables, Fruits, and Cheese
  • Grate Chocolate, Nuts and Make Cracker Crumbs
  • Motor Base Wipes Clean


  • Way Less Cleaning than a Food Processor
  • Slices Super Thin
  • "Comes Apart and Rinses in a Flash."
  • Easy to use
  • "Use it way more than initially intended."
  • One of the only shredders proficient with carrots


  • Operates Best When Help Slightly Diagonal 
  • Plastic Susceptible to Staining
  • Not Great for Onions
  • Food Can get Stuck in Blade


Similar to #3 on our list, this is the cheaper "shooter" that Presto makes. A nice deviant of the usual vegetable shredder, an electric salad shooter is good for several reasons. For one, you can slice things perfectly onto your dish. Where spiralizers and mandolines come with a large catching tray, salad shooters rely on you having somewhere to put it. This is great for those trying to conserve space in the kitchen. It's also really easy to clean after each use. 

From what customers said, this unit works best when operated slightly diagonally. I'm assuming this is what the handle is for. So if you plan on chopping / slicing a ton of vegetables at a time (catering style), you're better off getting a bigger mandoline. The plastic can also stain if not cleaned quickly after using some of the more colorful veggies (carrots, tomatoes, etc).

11) Hamilton Beach
8-Cup Compact Food Processor

  • Cost: Average
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited 
  • # Reviews: Over 14,100 Amazon reviews


  • 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 10.71 x 15.57 inches

Unique Features

  • 8 Cup Capacity
  • BPA Free
  • Large Feed Chute
  • Food Processor, Food Chopper, and Veggie Chopper
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 2 Speeds (Low and High Speed) Plus Pulse Option
  • 450 Watts


  • Fantastic Price
  • Way More Versatile than Other Vegetable choppers
  • Great for Tedious Jobs Like Mincing Garlic
  • Purees, Chops and Blends
  • Great, Large Sized Chute
  • Blades Very Sharp and Chops Quickly
  • Responsive Customer Service


  • Pain to Clean (Compared to other slicers)
  • Blade Dulls Over Time
  • Loud
  • Not as Good as Other, More Expensive Models


Some people think they only need a vegetable slicer until they realize how much more a food processor can do. The versatility of a food processor is pretty endless. Chop veggies, make purees, mince garlic. We chose one of the cheaper food processors. It still has really fantastic reviews and sells for a similarly low price of the spiralizers and mandolines mentioned above. 

The worst part about a food processor? Cleaning it. The closed container and blade can make cleaning a pain compared to the veggie shredders above. Just something to keep in mind. If you're adamant about getting a high quality machine, there are also much higher-end ones that can offer you even more versatility.  

12) Newhai Electric Commercial Vegetable Fruit Slicer

  • Cost: High
  • Warranty: Unknown warranty 
  • # Reviews: 16 Amazon reviews


  • 18.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.9 x 17.5 x 13.2 inches

Unique Features

  • Made of high quality, food-grade stainless steel