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The 5 Best Small Convection Microwaves of 2022

Written by: Amy

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First off, what exactly is a convection microwave? 

A convection microwave is two appliances in one; a convection oven and a microwave.

While a microwave heats mainly the inside of your food, the fan of the convection aspect heats the food on the outside.

This gives an even distribution of heat to thoroughly cook your food, resulting in some seriously delicious results.

Below, we've outlined the 5 best small convection ovens on the available. We've also included feedback from buyers to show you what they liked and didn't like.

Are Convection Microwaves Actually Worth It?


This comes down to personal preference and lifestyle.

Convection microwaves are handy for people who want the speed of a microwave but the thorough cooking of a convection oven.

Because many convection microwaves also have multiple cooking functions such as broiling, air frying, and roasting, it can replace 2-3 kitchen appliances, and if you have limited kitchen space, this is a bonus. 

If your kitchen is already equipped with a working microwave, oven, or air fryer, a convection microwave may not be for you.

Pros and Cons of a Convection Microwave



  • Versatile - many brands provide numerous cooking functions such as air frying, baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • Saves counter space - you can eliminate 2-3 of your kitchen gadgets for this all in one convection microwave.
  • Safety features & sensors - since this gadget uses double the heat, it requires double the safety! Many brands have auto shut-off sensors or child lock to prevent injuries.


  • Expensive - convection microwaves can range from $100 to $700.
  • Needs to be cleaned after every use - if you decide to bake, roast or air fry, you should clean after every use. Especially if you want to use the microwave function for a quick reheat the next day.
  • Learning curve - due to the many power functions, it may take awhile to become acquainted with a convection microwave.

Best Small Convection Microwaves

1) Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 Microwave AirFryer Convection Oven (0.6 cu ft)



External Dimensions: 23.7in x 18.1in x 18.9 in
Internal Capacity: 0.6 cubic feet
Weight: 33.8lbs
Watts: 1500


Stainless Steel Interior

This specific type of material will not absorb odors and is easy to clean.

Large Capacity

This allows room for 2lbs of wings in the air fryer mode, or up to 4lbs of chicken.

Microwave Functions

Has 11 power levels along with all your basic buttons such as popcorn and defrost. There is a rotating glass tray available when using the microwave function.

Air Fryer Functions

Allows adjustable time and temperature, along with an air fry basket and bake drip pan.

Child Lock Option

This is a great safety feature if you have kids on the loose. Because convections can heat very quickly and get very hot, child lock can help prevent burns.

Accessories included

The air fry basket, bake drip pan and rotating glass tray are included with the microwave convection oven.


  • The unit is small and compact, perfect for small kitchen counters.
  • Customers love the air fryer element of this unit more than the microwave function.
  • The oven function heats quickly.


  • The microwave function appears to be weak in power. It does not reheat food efficiently or gets too hot.
  • Customers mentioned the time dial on the microwave is sensitive and would prefer buttons or touchpad.
  • It is difficult to remove the hot air fryer basket from the microwave.

2) 1.0 Cu Ft Toshiba Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry and Convection Cooking (ML2-EC10SA(BS)



External Dimensions: 20.5in x 20in x 12.8in
Internal Capacity: 1 cubic feet
Weight: 40.8 lbs
Watts: 1000


Large Capacity

The bigger the capacity, the bigger the food! With this gadget you can fit a whole roasted chicken, 12" pizza and an 8x4" casserole dish.

LED Display

If you have trouble with your eyesight or like displays with fancy lights, this is for you. The bright digital display makes it easy to read the functions and time along with a touch control panel.

Position Memory Turntable

This technique resets the turntable to the initial position after every use to avoid getting burned when taking a dish or mug out. Pretty cool!

Stainless Steel

This material is very easy to wipe clean, not to mention it looks great!

Accessories Included

The accessories that come with this microwave oven include a grill rack and grill tray.


  • The functionality of the air fryer is very good.
  • This model provides very quiet cooking compared to some that have a very loud fan.
  • Customers raved how easy it is to clean this convection microwave due to the stainless steel interior.


  • The instruction manual provided with the convection microwave is difficult to comprehend.
  • The interface is difficult to use or misunderstood. The buttons do not match what you need the function to do.
  • The microwave requires some clearance space in order to fit on the counter correctly.

3) 1.2 Cu Ft Panasonic HomeChef Microwave Oven with Air Fryer, Convection Bake and FlashXpress Broiler (NN-CD87KS)



External Dimensions: 14.97in x 15.36in x 9in
Internal Capacity: 1.2 Cubic Feet
Weight: 39.1 lbs
Watts: 1000


4 cooking Methods

Air Fryer - cooks from the outside in.

Convection Bake - for baking and roasting.

FlashXpress Broiler - allows the microwave to broil with grill-like results.

Inverter Microwave - has a genius sensor to provide even defrosting, reheating, melting and cooking.

Child Lock Option & Silent Mode

Another one with child safety lock to keep your kids from burning their hands! Silent mode is a great function to use when the kids are sleeping. The purpose is to silence the beeping when it is finished cooking.

Custom Recipes via Drop

Panasonic has partnered with a recipe app called Drop in order to provide quick, easy and delicious recipes for you to cook with your new gadget!

Stainless Steel Interior

This oven's stainless steel interior makes cleaning easy!

Accessories Included

The accessories include air fryer basket, wire rack and enamel tray.


  • When using the oven function, food bakes evenly.
  • Customers love the cooling fan in the unit so it doesn't overheat on the counter.
  • The air fryer works great, however it may take a little longer to heat up than a normal free-standing air fryer.


  • Customers noted that the buttons are difficult to read because the lettering is too small.
  • The door of the convection microwave is too dark and it's hard to monitor food without opening the door.
  • The user interface is not user friendly.

4) 1.2 Cu Ft Galanz SpeedWave with TotalFry 360, Microwave, Air Fryer, Convection Oven (GSWWA12S1SA10)



External Dimensions: 21.19in x 22in x 12.19in
Internal Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet
Weight: 38.8lbs
Watts: 1000


Large Capacity

You can cook larger food items such as whole fish or chicken.

10 Cooking Programs

Cooking functions include the following: bake, air fry, roast, microwave, convection, micro & convection, sensor reheat, sensor cook, popcorn and defrost.

Sensor Cook & Sensor Reheat

This feature is a built-in humidity sensor that ensures your food is never over or under cooked .

The sensor reheat stops the the unit when food is hot and ready.

Accessories Included

Accessories include a 10.6in Air fry kit, 12.4" turntable and 12.5" baking and roasting pan.


  • Customers' favorite feature is the sensor reheat. This feature adjusts your reheat time according to the temperature of your food. Your food gets heated thoroughly without being overdone.
  • Even though convection microwave ovens are meant to save space on kitchen counters, people do like the large size in order to fit pizzas or a large amount of wings.
  • The microwave function produces a lot of power and heat.


  • The window to the unit is too dark. People like to visibly see their food cooking or to monitor cooking progress.
  • Certain cooking functions take longer to cook than a regular stand alone machine. Example would be the air fryer mode. A stand alone air fryer may take 10-15 minutes to cook food. This unit takes about 25- 30 minutes.
  • Many customers had their product arrive dented, rusted, or with a broken accessory.
  • The top of the convection microwave gets really hot. There needs to be some clearance space for the top and sides of the unit.

5) Toshiba 1.5 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave Oven with Convection Feature (EC042A5C-BS)



External Dimensions: 21.77in x 21.5in x 12.99in
Internal Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet
Weight: 44.8lbs
Watts: 1000


Child lock & Sound on/off option

Have a sleeping baby? With this feature, you can silence the beep when food is finished cooking. The child lock feature is also handy in order to prevent injury to curious kids.

Pre-programmed Sensor Menu

This feature is similar to quick buttons or shortcuts. Select your food item and the microwave sensor will detect the humidity level of the food and adjust cooking time and temperature.

4 Auto Bake Menus: frozen pizza, muffins, breads, frozen french fries

4 Auto Roast Menu: beef, whole chicken, turkey breasts, pork

Warm Hold Function

A built in sensor that detects the humidity level of the food during cooking and automatically adjusts time and temperature so it doesn't overheat.

Stainless Steel

With stainless steel interior, it's easy to apply a damp cloth to clean the convection microwave. This material is also scratch and rust-resistant.


  • Baking and microwave function is outstanding.
  • The one-touch function is very convenient for cooking popular food items and cooks to accurate temperature.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The unit has a protrusion in the back so it runs deep into the counter and sticks out more than what people were expecting. 
  • Customers had issues contacting customer service for support or replacements.
  • Customers do not like the endless and loud beeping when food is finished cooking. The alarm is "annoying and obnoxious."


If you're looking for an appliance that can do it all, a convection microwave is a great option. Are convection microwaves worth it? The answer is a resounding, “It depends.” If you want evenly cooked food and don’t mind the higher price tag, then go for it! But if you can live without those features (or just aren’t willing to shell out the extra cash), there are plenty of great standard microwaves to choose from. 

Ultimately, only you can decide if the benefits of a convection microwave are worth the cost. Thanks for reading our guide – we hope it helped make your decision easier!



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