24 Best Coffee Shops in Prague: Created by a Local

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Last updated on March 12, 2023

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Let's be real, good coffee is a staple of a great vacation. How else are you going to take to the city by foot? But these days you can get a cup of coffee virtually ANYWHERE. Starbucks and Costa have taken over Prague (and every other city), but if you're like me, this coffee is not special, and neither is supporting these big conglomerates. 

Thankfully, in the past decade, people have filled this gap in the caffeine scene and learned how to make an excellent cup of coffee. We are glad for it! 

I've put together a list of fantastic places to visit on your trip. Each of these cafes has a large following, and for good reason; they have mastered the art of coffee. Once you drink great coffee, you can't really go back. Now you can discover the best cafes in Prague. 

Prague Cafes Worth Visiting

Coffee Source - This used to be a small, modest roastery and cafe, serving limited coffee drinks and one type of croissant. It has always had a strong following, and maybe that's why they were able to expand and reopen in late 2019. Now their operation is even more impressive. Near the famous Krymska street (with lots to offer in the surrounding area) it is definitely worth a visit. There are also available courses to enroll in.

La Boheme Cafe - an aesthetically pleasing experience. I love coming into this cafe with it's high ceilings and eclectic furniture. Besides roasting and selling their own beans, they have a huge selection of quality tea, the best equipment you can buy, and knowledgeable staff to help with your needs. They source coffee from all over the world, from Ethiopia to Brazil, Mexico to Costa Rica. There is always a wide variety of beans to choose from, all sourced in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner. If you are near the gorgeous Namesti Miru church, pop over and sink into one of their suede couches or high backed chairs. They have an extensive list of specialty coffee drinks, and coconut or almond milk substitutes. 

Mama Coffee - One of the first shops I visited after moving to Prague was the Mama Coffee on Vodickova street. I still hold a deep love for this specific location, due to the big space and endless array of plants. The ceramics they use are very unique to their branding; each cup is different and makes your coffee that much more special. They also sell some great local products to take home with you. The 2nd location is off Jiriho Z Podebrad (JZP) square which holds a great farmers market almost year round. 

Dos Mundos - Now with a newly opened 2nd location, this is a favorite among locals. Vinohrady location is one small room, perfect for having a quick sip, or getting something to take away on your way into town. I prefer to get my beans here. They also sell tons of great coffee equipment, and quality chocolate bars. Baristas are super knowledgeable and friendly. They have a beautiful roaster out front, so you can see how the magic happens.

Miners - another new Vinohrady establishment, a minimalistic specialty coffee shop. This place always looks full of hipsters and intellectuals, and has some cool large stairs for sitting, chatting, or working. It seems like many great ideas are born here, with the good light and eclectic group of people. It's got a great street view on the corner and the coffee equipment is top-notch. Not a bad addition for coffee connoisseurs who want to look and act the part (and get some work done while doing it). New location coming May 2020.

One-Sip - probably the smallest cafe in Prague, with only a few window seats, is still a pleasure to visit. Just off the main Dlouha street, these guys are friendly and make some of the very best coffee and pastries in town. Grab a bag of beans and something to go as you make your way to old town square, or straight across the street to Lokal for some fresh tank Pilsner. For an unforgettable meal, visit the quaint Nase Maso (”Our Meat”) right next door. 

Mazelab Coffee
 - ”No sugar. No wifi. No cash” is the motto of this newly opened establishment. If you're serious about your coffee, you will be impressed by what these guys (the same owners as the very popular Cafefin) have set up. The interior is spacious, all-white, dotted with huge plants and bonsais and cinder block seats. There's nothing else like it in Prague. Not your ”cozy” cafe, more of a rigid place with hard lines contrasted by green plants, creating a very unique vibe. 

Tout Va Bien - This place is fairly new, and off the beaten track. If you plan to visit the largest cemetery in the country, Olsanske Hrbitovy, this newly opened cafe is a block away, and worth a visit. Owned by the sweetest Japanese girls who make you feel welcome, a big wood table and vintage chairs, you can't go wrong. This is my very-picky-boyfriends favorite coffee shop. A quiet spot with a great selection of coffee table books to browse through. 

I Need Coffee - Maybe after visiting the farmers market along the river, you will head back into town feeling drained. But do not worry, the staff at I Need Coffee know how to fix that. One room with window seats and a selection of fine pastries, not to mention some great souvenirs, you'll be sure to feel revived after a stop in here. No wifi means you have to actually converse with people or read an actual book; what a crazy concept!

Supertramp - Okay, this is my favorite secret. I used to visit here weekly, to get away from the bustling city and feel enchanted by this hidden garden within an old courtyard. Also owned by I Need Coffee, the wifi is absent, but the good vibes are abundant. They always have some great vinyl playing, and long wooden tables inside and out. They make some of the best pastries I've ever had, many being gluten free and vegan. Having a glass of chilled Czech wine or beer in the courtyard isn't a bad idea (alongside your espresso, of course). 

Kavárna Co Hleda Jmeno - Located in Smichov (near Andel metro station) lies the ”Cafe with No Name.” Since their opening, people have been flocking to this secret oasis hidden within a small parking lot in a corporate area. It will feel as if you've left the city and found yourself in a large, cozy wooden cabin. Being a multi-purpose space, there's bound to be something exciting happening here (if not, the people-watching will not disappoint). The eggs benedict souffle is a must, paired with an excellent cup of coffee, of course! 

Pauseteria - If you are near Old town square (where the famous astronomical clock lies), this is the perfect hideout to escape the mass tourism that has become the center of Prague. This place has many nooks and crannies, but my favorite is the single long table in the front room. You’ll find friendly staff, great drinks (along with some pastries) and a fridge full of craft Czech beer and wine. I love to curl up with a book here and watch the tourists mindlessly walk by this gem. 

Now serving breakfast and brunch menu. Have yet to try, but reviews are looking good!

Muy Salek Kavy - One of the original specialty coffee hubs, and ALWAYS packed, they take their coffee seriously here. If you have to ask for sugar, you might get a dirty look, but to each his own. They have great breakfast and lunch fare, with tables on the street during the warmer months. If you are in Karlin, an up-and-coming district, there's much to see, but you'll need a coffee first!

Tricafe - a safe haven off the main drag of tourist central. If you've been strolling the streets around Malostranska and the Castle, pop in here for a proper refreshment. It's going to be the nearest cup of quality coffee (unless you prefer Starbucks, boo). 

Místo - a large, bright establishment near the Hradcanska metro station. Even though the amount of rooms seem endless, somehow there are never free seats. Best to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. They have great savory and sweet treats, and also have a more extensive food menu. A lively and fun place for a coffee date, and to grab some Doubleshot beans.  

Ye’s Cafe & Studio - Although there are many excellent cafes in the Letna district, Ye’s is worth a stop, if only to grab a loaf of the best bread in town, baked by Praktika and delivered fresh. The interior is very unique, and extra points for always playing great tunes. 

Vnitroblock - this huge repurposed industrial space is a sight to see. If your find yourself in Holesovice, pop in and see what's happening in this multi-purpose building (and afterwards walk around the corner to Big Smokers for a meal you won't forget). There is sure to be some art expo to see, and their design sneaker shop might possess your perfect souvenir. You might find yourself hanging out here all day. Perfect for larger groups. 

Ema Espresso Bar - one of the original greats when it comes to amazing specialty coffee in Prague, and they've just opened a 2nd location. Many of these baristas have gone on to win European and even Worldwide awards (congrats!) This place is always lively, with one long table in the center, and a few scattered seats around. Even if you can't sit, getting a coffee to-go is going to make the rest of your day that much better. Especially after a smile from one of their cute staff. 

Cafe Letka - At the back of Letna Park, this very bohemian spot is a nice place to stop after a long walk through the park. It's not so easily found, and will likely be full of locals. Don’t forget your Kerouac novel. 

Kavárna Cekarna - If you visit the Vysehrad fortress, the original Castle of Prague (which is a MUST), when you head down the hill towards the river you will find this modest cafe. Don’t be fooled by the small front room. Head into the back and enjoy the large garden in the warmer months. Also serving a few cakes and pastries, wine and beer.

Spizirna 1902 - located in the hip Vinohrady district, this was one of my favorite openings last year. Besides serving a great cup of coffee, the interior is totally instagram-worthy. I doubt you’ll be able to control yourself and will just HAVE to take a photo or two. There is ample space, a bar serving beer, wine and some high-shelf liquors (for the evening hours), a great food menu, and daily pastries and cakes to pair with your coffee. Not a bad idea to make a reservation, as it tends to get crowded with laptop wielding locals. 

Coffee Room - one block down, on the same street as 1902, this very small and super trendy cafe has been serving up great roasts for the past few years. They have earned quite a following, mainly because of the great coffee, unique food menu, and all around good vibes. Avocado toast, smoothie bowl, warm, banana bread with homemade peanut butter? Yes please. 

Eska - a restaurant/bakery/shop owned by Ambiente, on a grand scale. This place in the Karlin district is worth a visit, if only to see the open kitchen and dozens of chefs at work. Head upstairs for a sit down meal, or simply order a coffee and pastry downstairs (baked in house). They also sell lots of great products to take away, all from some of the best companies in the city. 

Savoy - Another Ambiente-owned restaurant, which also does a great cup of coffee. This place might be seen as ”uppity”, but the location is great, the building is historical, and they know what they're doing. Their display case of fancy cakes is something to gawk at. If you plan on sitting for a meal (they serve great breakfasts) definitely make a reservation, or else enjoy a cake and coffee upstairs. 

-Honorable Mentions

Pekarna Praktika- more of a hole-in-the-wall organic bakery, Praktika has mastered the art of making bread, pastries and coffee. They are truly the best, and the owner Tomáš uses only the best ingredients for his baking. Everything here is mouthwatering, and the espresso is strong and flavorful. Don’t forget to get a loaf to take away for your afternoon picnic at the park. 

Ronin - “the Samurai without a master” is a very cool cafe that opened in 2019, with a perfect garden and dog treats on the counter. The selection of magazines is top-notch, and the baristas are knowledgeable and serve a strong, delicious cup of coffee. Also serving some of the only kombucha in Prague, and quality local sodas. 

-Locally Roasted Beans Worth Checking Out

Coffee beans travel well and are a great souvenir or gift!

  • Dos Mundos (my personal favorite)
  • Double shot - oldest specialty roaster in Prague
  • La Boheme
  • Mama Coffee
  • Coffee Source
  • Nordbeans
  • Alf&Bet
  • Naughty Dog - new kid on the block
  • Candycane - also new, and dominating the scene

-The Best Prague Cafes for Getting Work Done 

Cafedu - open 24 hours, with a convenient location right in front of Muzeum tram stop, and just a few steps from the National Museum. The most important point, strong wi-fi that will not fail you in the middle of that essay you’re writing. This place is very large and constantly full of students and groups of people working hard to meet deadlines. 

Cafe NONA - Just down the street from the National Theatre, Café Nona sits three stories above the street and looks down on the Národní Divadlo tram stop. This unique café offers a large area for working, reading or chatting, as well as free      Wi-Fi. The seating is plentiful, comfortable and there are different types of seating arrangements for whatever mood you’re in. This is truly another hidden oasis away to get away from the masses of people, while still being able to watch them from above. Café Nona is quite breathtaking, with its circular marble staircase and huge light fixtures. This ambiance makes studying or working a little more enjoyable. There are also many different types of food and drink, so there is no need to pop off during your study session for replenishments. 

Double B Coffee & Tea - serving a not half-bad cup of coffee, this is also a fairly big space with good wi-fi and others using laptops, so you won't feel out of place or feel rushed to pay your bill and leave. 

Vnitroblock - as stated above, it’s LARGE, inviting and a great place to think. This space may even spark your creativity. 

Vinohradsky Pavilon - This place is beautiful and totally underrated. Not only are you surrounded by some of the most beautiful design shops in Prague, but the entire building is a sight for sore eyes. Take a break from your work and stroll around, window shopping for what the house in your ”next life” will be furnished with. It's usually surprisingly empty in here, and a quiet place to concentrate. As a plus, they serve some substantial meals that aren't half bad. 

Mistral Cafe - This new cafe and restaurant just near Old Town Square is another gem. Although it is in a very touristy area, I noticed many Czechs were also here, having Sunday brunch, working on laptops, and admiring the great decor. I love the back room and it seems like a place I could spend hours reading, writing and people-watching. If you love indoor plants like me, you will not be disappointed by their collection!

-How to Order Coffee in Prague 

Although most young ones (especially those working in the coffee scene) speak fairly good English, it's not a bad idea to learn some basic Czech. Even if you sound like a 3 year old trying to ask for something, the fact that you’ve tried will not go unappreciated. Just don’t forget to smile and be polite. 

Hello/Good Day - "Dobry den"
I'll have...- ”Dám si...”
Please - “prosím”
Without milk - “bez mléka”
Oat milk - “ovesné mléko”
Coconut milk - “kokosové mléko”
Soy milk - “sojové mleko”
Almond milk - “mandlové mleko” 

Lungo - espresso with small amt. hot water
Americano - espresso with large amt. hot water
Macchiato - 1 shot espresso, small amt. foamed milk
Cappuccino - 1 shot espresso, foamed milk, larger cup than macchiato
Flat white - 2 shots espresso, foamed milk, larger cup than cappuccino
Latte - 1 shot espresso, large cup filled with foamed milk
Batch brew - usually drip, made mechanically beforehand to serve immediately
Hand brew - brewed on the spot, either V60, aeropress, or pour over. Usually have a choice of roasts to choose from

Thanks a lot - “diky moc”
I’d like to pay - “zaplatím”
We will pay together - “zaplatíme dohromady”
Card - “kartou”
Cash - “hoteve”


It's the same as in a restaurant, 10% if you're happy with the service. Just round up and let your barista know you appreciate them. Prices of coffee in Prague are very reasonable. An espresso or filter coffee will cost 2 euro, a cappuccino, flat white, or hand brew, 3 euro. 

Dairy-free? Most specialty coffee shops will offer a milk alternative, such as soy, oat, almond or coconut.

Most importantly, the majority of these cafes will offer an alcoholic coffee beverage to keep you movin' and groovin'. 

-Are there Any Classic Czech Coffee Drinks?

Only one, and not very noteworthy, considering what you can order these days. But, when in Prague! 

Alžirska Kava- algerian coffee, which is basically filter coffee or espresso with eggnog, topped with whipped cream. This is a classic ”grandmas out at the pastry shop” drink. If you want the non-alcoholic version, order a Viennese Kava. An amazing historical pastry shop, Myšak, does a great modern version of this. 


Whether you prefer a cozy cafe off the beaten track, or something more modern next to Old Town Square or the Prague Castle, there will be something for you on this list. Don't waste your time drinking bad coffee; visit some local specialty shops and get the caffeine kick you need. Let me know if you visit any of these cafes, and your thoughts on which ones are the best! Thanks for reading. 




About the author, Kristina

Kristina is a world-traveling foodie whose mission is to explore and recreate the most delicious cuisine. While still an avid traveler, Kristina has taken culinary refuge in the great country of the Czech Republic. When she isn't nannying or exploring the beautiful city of Prague, she's sharing her favorite recipes on the web.