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Kitchen appliances aren't made like they used to be. Manufacturers tend to cut corners to provide you with a flashy, mediocre product. It's especially disappointing when companies can't seem to perfect the simplest kitchen technology. How hard is it to make a toaster?

Thankfully, there are some noteworthy companies that still take quality seriously. You may just have to sift through the rubble a little longer than you're used to. That's why we create these thorough reviews, to expedite the process so you can get back to the important things in life.

Here is an extensive guide to the 11 best long slot toasters on the market. We've also provided a thorough guide to finding, buying, and caring for your long slot toaster. 


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Our #1 Pick


Selling for a reasonable price and sustaining some of the top reviews on Amazon, the IKICH long slot toaster has earned its place as our #1 pick. Click here to learn more about the IKICH's unique features.

Top 3 Compared

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Top Rated Products

1) IKICH 4-Slice LongSlot Toaster - Best All Around

3) ODA Kitchen Side-Loading Toaster - Best Side-Loading Toaster

4) Dash Clear View LongSlot Toaster - Best Windowed Toaster

5) Kenmore Elite Auto-Lift LongSlot Toaster - Most Advanced LongSlot Toaster

6) Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven/Toaster - Best LongSlot Toaster/Toaster Oven Combo

7) Breville Lift n Look LongSlot Toaster - Best Lift n Look Function Toaster

8) Hamilton Beach 4 Slice LongSlot Toaster - Best Basic 4-Slice LongSlot Toaster

9) KitchenAid 2 Slice LongSlot Toaster - Best 2-Slice LongSlot Toaster

10) KitchenAid 4 Slice LongSlot Toaster  - Best Looking 4-Slice LongSlot Toaster

11) Cuisinart 2 Slice Longslot Toaster  - Best Chrome LongSlot Toaster

Best Long Slot Toasters

1) IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Through many levels of comparison, we've finally come to a consensus. The Ikich 4-slice Long Slot Toaster is the best in its class as far as customer feedback, toasting precision, and overall value. Here are some of the things we liked:

1) The Additional Warming Rack. The warming rack allows you to warm things like croissants, muffins and bagels without the toasting feature. This can be great for rewarming delicate or already-toasted bread.  

2) 6 Shades of Toast: We all have our idea of what constitutes the perfect toast, and Ikich knows it. Find your ideal level of brownness with six different shade settings.

3) Wide Slots: At 1.5" wide slots, you can fit anything inside this toaster. So specialty breads like Texas toast can fit no problem. 

4) Responsive Customer Service: If you've ever skimmed through product reviews, you know that even the best of products still have design flaws. Rest easy in knowing if anything goes wrong with your toaster, you can send it back with little questions asked. Just make sure it falls within the 1 year warranty. You can also send it back within 30 days if your unhappy with the performance for any reason. 

Finding a quality product that hits all our soft spots is a rarity. But when it happens, the results speak for themselves. Take a look at the pros and cons list below to see if this is a toaster that fits suits your needs.


Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Great for Long Slices Sourdough, Bakery Breads and Texas Toast
  • Browns Evenly (A lot of Positive Responses)
  • Tucks Away Nicely
  • Awesome Top Warmer
  • Accurate and Precise Controls 
  • 6 Shades to Dial-in your perfect toast/bagel
  • Sleek Look
  • Excellant Value
  • Great Customer Service


  • Need to Keep Left Front Accessible
  • Uneven Toasting (A few responses)
  • Knob may move on its own if toaster moved frequently
  • Only fits 4 Regular Size pieces of bread at a time

2) Elite Gourmet ECT-4829 Long Slot Toaster

Just about every toaster we've ever had in the family we bought for under $30, and for the most part, these toasters all got the job done just fine. But we also didn't have very high standards for what constitutes toast. We just wanted a little "crunch" to our favorite breads. 

If you're looking for a long-slot toaster that gets the job done without squeezing every last cent out of your bank account, we recommend the Elite Cuisine Long-Slot toaster. 

Here are some things we liked:

1) Remains Cold While Running: While most toasters get piping hot when running, this toaster stays cold to the touch. This can help lower the likelihood of burning yourself on the toaster you didn't know was on...

2) The Price: You can't beat $30 for a long-slot toaster. Even though I still think $30 is too expensive to be the cheapest model, the Elite Cuisine toaster is the best of its kind...

Cheap but effective. 

There were a few factors that made us second guess this toaster, but it seems the company has fixed these bugs. 

The lever mechanism can shoot the toast out of the toaster when done (send back if this happens).

The lowest setting is the only one that doesn't burn the bread (again, send it back if this happens).

Update***(12/13/19) After asking several verified customers on amazon, I've been reassured these bugs have been fixed. 

Elite Cuisine ECT-4829 Long Slot

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Slim Profile
  • Stays Cool on the Outside
  • Great Price
  • Toasts Evenly
  • Good for Artisanal Bread 


  • Initial Procedure to Burn off Chemicals
  • Shoots Toast Up when Finished (Apparently corrected now)
  • Burns even on mid-high Setting (Apparently corrected now)
  • No Bagel Setting

3) ODA KITCHEN Side-Loading Toaster

Have you ever heard of a side-loading toaster?

Neither had I!

After some research, I've found it be a pretty popular appliance over in EuropeThe ODA Kitchen Side-Loading toaster gives you all the positive qualities of a long-slot toaster without the notorious failures of regular toasters. Here's how:

1) Easy cleaning: We all know cleaning a toaster can be a huge pain. It's like having a miniature oven with openings no regular sized hands could possible fit in. Thankfully, the side of the toaster completely exposes everything internally so cleaning is as simple as pulling the tray out and wiping it down.    

2) Toast just about anything: Everything gets lost in a toaster. Out of fear of losing whatever I put in it, I pretty much only put bread in my toaster. But with the side-loading option, you can easily toast anything; Paninis, vegetables, burritos, whatever you want.  

Do keep in mind, this is a fairly large appliance. At 14.5 x 5.5 x 8.3 inches, make sure you have the room in your kitchen. With the inside of the toaster completely exposed, abandoned paper towels can easily catch fire. Again, make sure you have a safe spot for it.

ODA KITCHEN Toaster 2 Slice with Extra Wide Slot

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Very Easy to Clean
  • Even Heating
  • Versatile (can toast a diverse list of items)
  • Very easy to load and unload
  • Can toast thick bread
  • Toasts bagels to perfection
  • Perfect for grilled sandwiches
  • No more lift mechanism (most failed component of regular toaster)


  • Fire Hazard with exposed heating environment (Needs Designated Spot)
  • Large
  • Beeps when done
  • Only receive the cover when you leave a review
  • No one sided toasting

4) Dash DVTS501WH Clear View Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Some of us have some pretty crazy expectations. After reading tons of customer reviews, I can tell you that if 100 people bought the same toaster, 50% would tell you it's the greatest piece of technology they're ever had. The other half would start a riot over the inadequacy of today's kitchen appliances.

The point is if you have high expectations, you either have to cough up the dough or find a product that allows you some control. Well, a window on your toaster offers you just that...


If you're picky about the color of your toast, and the quality of your morning depends on it, the Dash Clear View Toaster may be the perfect fit for you.

Equipped with a window in the front, you can literally stare at your toast/bagel/muffin until it is to your exact specification. It offers a nice alternative to the unpredictable nature of regular toasters. 

This is another toaster that tends to eject your toast into the air after it's done. It also has a safety mechanism that keeps the lever from lowering completely. Some people complained about this because they didn't read the instructions thoroughly. If the lever does not remain down, the crumb catcher needs to be adjusted.

Dash DVTS501WH Clear View Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Toast to your standards with a window
  • Bagel Option
  • Nice Color Options
  • Good for Entertaining the Kids
  • Evenly Browns
  • Safety Feature keeps lever from locking in if crumb tray not securely inside


  • Lifter ejects toast out sometimes 
  • Random Complaints of lever not staying down (look below)
  • Labels can rub off

5) Kenmore Elite 76774 4-Slice Auto-Lift Long Slot Toaster

Alright, this long-slot toaster has a laundry list of qualities that make it the most high tech, precision based model on the market. Let's get straight into it...

1) Automated Lift (electronic motor brings toast up and down) 

2) 9 Toast settings to get your toast to your exact specification.

3) Retractable Cord for those who have OCD like me and need all unused kitchen appliances out of the way. 

4) LED Timer display to allow you to see exactly when the toast will be done.

5) Defrost, Bagel, Warm, and Front Only Settings so you can toast whatever you like, in whatever quantity you like. 

Without a doubt, the Kenmore Elite auto-lift toaster is the most advanced long slot toaster of its kind. But there are some reasons it didn't make the top of our list.

There were several complaints about the kenmore toasting a little slower than your average toaster. Some customers also complained of an initial stench for the first few uses. If you go this direction, just make sure and run the machine dry (empty) for a few cycles. This should clear the smell problem up.

Kenmore Elite 76774 4-Slice Auto-Lift Long Slot Toaster

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Crazy Precision with 9 toast settings
  • LED timer so you can know exactly when the toast is going to be done 
  • Electronic auto lift (no more pushing down lever)
  • Keep warm function keeps bread warm after toasted
  • Even Toasting
  • Retractable cord when not in use
  • Front Slot Only Setting


  • Slower toasting
  • Beeps when done (can turn off though)
  • Concerns of auto lift motor pooping out after extended use
  • Sub-par customer Service
  • Large Appliance
  • Burn off odor with first couple of uses (nothing inside)

6) Hamilton Beach 2-In-1 Countertop Oven And Long Slot Toaster 

Let's rekindle the half century old debate of which is better; the toaster oven or the toaster?

Or...let's disregard the debate altogether and get them both!

Both toaster ovens and toasters have earned their place in the kitchen. It would be hard to say one is 100% better than the other, so why not consolidate the two?

Hamilton has created one of the weirdest, and yet most highly regarded toaster oven/toasters on the market. How this bizarre appliance has attracted more than 4000 amazon reviews while still maintaining a 4 star rating (as of 12/13/19) is beyond me. Our conclusion here at Robust Kitchen...

It's a kitchen unicorn!

Once in a while the kitchen industry smashes two concepts together and it ACTUALLY works! The toaster and toaster oven may be a surprisingly compatible duet. So if you were in the market for a toaster but now realize how awesome it would be to have a toaster oven, you've met your match. 

Do keep in mind the oven is relatively small and the picture can be a little deceiving. So if you're looking to serve the whole family, it may behoove you to invest in a full fledged countertop oven. If you decide to go the this route, check out our article on the 9 Best Countertop Ovens.

Hamilton Beach 2-In-1 Countertop Oven And Long Slot Toaster

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Great Longevity
  • Replaces the Oven
  • Saves Energy
  • Heats and Toasts Very Quickly
  • Easy to Use


  • Oven Small (fits only 9" pizza)
  • Puts off a lot of Heat
  • Initial Bad Smell (Diminishes after first couple of uses)
  • Common problem with rear filament (return if this happens)

7) Breville 'Lift & Look' BTA630XL One-Touch Extra Long 4-Slice Toaster

Breville is a superior kitchen appliance manufacturer. They make high quality kitchen equipment for a fairly high price. 

The reviews hit both sides of the spectrum. Some people said the Breville Lift and Look long-slot toaster was the best toaster they've ever had, and others complained of its malfunctions within the first week.

If you're interested in the Breville, do yourself a favor and get the 3 or 4 year protection plan. On the off chance that you get a faulty unit, you can return it for a brand new one. It adds roughly $5-10 to the bill and may save you a serious head ache in the future.  

Breville the 'Lift & Look' BTA630XL One-Touch Extra Long 4-Slice-Toaster

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Simple Buttons
  • Cool Automatic Lifter/Lower Mechanism
  • Convenient "A bit more" function
  • Helpful "Lift and Look" function 
  • Versatile
  • Quiet
  • Browns evenly
  • Clean Look


  • Labels have a tendency to rub off
  • Have to run "dry" to get chemical smell out
  • Good idea to get extended warranty (Tends to give out right after the warranty)
  • Pricey
  • Large unit
  • Only white option

8) Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Long Slot Keep Warm Toaster

The Hamilton Beach Long-Slot toaster is simple yet effective. If you're looking for a cheaper model that has all the basic functions of an ordinary toaster, this is the unit for you.

Hamilton has long been prized for making kitchen equipment that simply "gets the job done". Many of us don't need all the bells and whistles of newer models. So if a simple long-slot toaster is what you need. This one functions, and it functions just fine.

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Long Slot Keep Warm Toaster

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Awesome "Keep Warm" Function (keeps toast warm for extra 3 mins)
  • Reasonable Price
  • Cool to the touch
  • Simple and gets the job done
  • Great wide slots for Texas Toast
  • Nice pop up feature on lever to check progress


  • Beeps when starting and when done
  • Need to burn off chemical smell
  • Toasts one side more than the other
  • Cannot fit 4 regular size pieces of toast 

9) KitchenAid KMT3115BM 2 Slice Long Slot High-Lift Lever Toaster

One slot toasters are perfect if you're trying to save space in the kitchen. Just make sure one slot is enough for you and the family. If you have a house full of hungry kids, making toast with a one-slot toaster can make for a lengthy morning. 

The KitchenAid Long-Slot toaster also has a cool, classic look that makes them an attractive piece for rustic style kitchens. If a one-slot toaster is what you're looking for, KitchenAid is the company I'd recommend. 

KitchenAid KMT3115BM 2 Slice Long Slot High-Lift Lever Toaster

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • High-lift lever to check toast progress
  • Takes up very little counter space (20% smaller)
  • Simple Operation
  • Sleek Look
  • Even Toasting
  • Cool matte finish


  • Toasts bread more lightly than competitors
  • Plastic (not metal)
  • Non-retractable Cord
  • Takes a little longer to toast

10) KitchenAid KMT5115DG 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster

The KitchenAid KMT5115DG is essentially the 2-slotted twin of the kitchenAid model above. Unfortunately this unit doesn't have a ton of amazon reviews.

But the reviews it does have are definitely noteworthy. People were very happy with the visual and space-saving qualities of this model. There were no common complaints other than the buttons being a little confusing and small. Evaluate the qualities that are important to you.  


Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Sleek Look
  • Even Toasting
  • Easy Temp Adjustment
  • Space Saver


  • Small Buttons
  • Buttons ambiguous
  • Easy to mix up Levers
  • Nowhere to wrap the cord when not using

11) Cuisinart CPT-2400 Long-Slot Toaster

This shiny looking robot is reminiscent of the toasters I grew up with. Equipped with all the basic functions of a proper toaster (toast, bagel, warm functions), the Cuisinart Long-Slot toaster is simply a proficient toaster at a reasonable price. 

The only question you have to ask yourself is if the bright chrome exterior will find a visually appealing place in your kitchen. I think we can all agree that chrome can either make, or break, the aesthetics of a kitchen. Envision this toaster in your kitchen and see if it works with the environment. 

Cuisinart CPT-2400 longslot toaster

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Versatility
  • Great for Long Pieces of Sourdough
  • Nice light with buttons
  • Toasts Quickly and Consistently
  • Sleek Chrome Look
  • Even toasting (controversy between customers here)


  • Toasts slightly more on one side
  • Big Appliance
  • Small crumb tray
  • Low settings pretty strong
  • Overly Shiny 

Why a Long Slot Toaster?

You're currently reading an article titled, "the Best Long Slot Toasters." So it begs the question,

Why a long-slot toaster?

Well, let's clarify each toaster's limitations. 

Regular Slot Toasters: English muffins, regular size bagels, regular sized slices of bread (4.5"X4.5"), Eggo waffles


Long Slot Toasters: Full slices of sourdough, Varying sizes of artisanal bread, bakery breads/pastries, Texas style bread, homemade waffles, abnormally large bagels.


So the perfect toaster for you is the one that toasts your favorite foods. If you want to keep your options open, go with the long-slot toaster. You'll never complain about having too much room.

But if you find yourself sticking to smaller food items, regular-slot toasters tend to be on the cheaper side of the spectrum. 

Consider Before You Buy

While it may seem straightforward, dedicating some time to research long-slot toasters will save you some headache in the end. Let's look at the characteristics that define a high-quality long-slot toaster. 

Length and Width of Slots

Not all manufacturers adhere to the same definition of "long." It's important to check the dimensions before committing to any one product.

So, what are the proper dimensions for a slot?


Length: A regular piece of bread is roughly 4.5" X 4.5" so to allow enough room for two slices of bread, (with a little wiggle room) a good baseline toaster slot length is 10"

Width: A regular piece of bread is about 3/4" thick. But to accommodate thicker pieces of bread, (which tend to be the more delicious varieties) 1.25" is a good baseline width.  

Well Insulated

Insulation isn't usually a critical variable in choosing a toaster, but it is something to consider. Well-insulated toasters put off less heat, which can:

1) Help you save on your energy bill


2) Keep you from burning yourself

The Elite Cuisine Long Slot Toaster is an example of a well-insulated unit. 

How Many Slots?

I have yet to see a four-slot, long-slot toaster. I assume because it would take up the entire kitchen counter.

Two toaster slots seem to get the job done without using up too much space. But if it is space you're looking for, there are some popular 1 slot, long-slot toasters available.  


KitchenAid KMT3115BM 2 Slice Long Slot High-Lift Lever Toaster

Toast Shade Presets

If you're picky about the amount of crunch, color or texture your toast imparts, it's imperative to have as much control as possible. A higher number of presets allows you to have more influence over the shade of your toast.

If you're less concerned about the shade of your toast, five shade settings will suffice. I have found myself perfectly happy in this category (this includes the majority of the toasters detailed below).

If you have high standards for your toasting endeavors, look for something closer to 7-9 shade settings (the Kenmore Elite Long-Slot Toaster has 9).

Ease of Cleaning (Crumb Tray)

If you've ever cleaned a toaster without a crumb tray, you know how much of a pain it is. I'll keep this section short.



Neglecting to clean your toaster is a massive fire hazard, and it's very easy to forget about cleaning when the cleaning is a serious chore. Just ask my mom, I almost burned the house down. Moral of the story...

A crumb tray makes cleaning easy and practical. 

Cord Location

Surely I'm not the only one who gets anxiety from loose wires. Having a retractable cord, or at least a cord wrap underneath, helps to organize the kitchen when the toaster isn't being used.   

Retractable Cord: Kenmore Elite Long-Slot Toaster

Cord Wrap Underneath: Ikich Long-Slot Toaster

Functions to Look For


A defrost function allows you to put items in the toaster straight from your freezer. It merely adds time to the toasting time to account for extra thawing time.  

-"A Bit More"

The "a bit more" function allows you to give your toast an extra minute or two. This is perfect for those times when toasting something you're unfamiliar with. Start the timer low and then use the "a bit more" function until it's to your desired consistency. 


The bagel function turns one burner on for each slot. This allows the face of your bagels to toast without toasting the portion you hold in your hands.


The warm setting will enable you to warm up food without toasting it. This is especially useful for items that have already been toasted. It's also great for delicate bread. 

-One Slot Toast Option

Sometimes using two slots is a waste of energy, especially when you're only serving for one. A one slot warming setting consolidates the heat to one slot, reducing energy waste.

How to Properly Use a Long-Slot Toaster

If you know how to use a regular toaster than you know how to use a long-slot toaster. Sure, some of the more high tech toasters will require a more thorough reading of the instructional pamphlet, but overall we're talking about the most casual kitchen appliance on the market. 

The first thing you should do is read the instructions!

Getting rid of the Chemical Smell

MANY of the toasters available have a process to get rid of the initial chemical smell. Make sure and read the "setting up you toaster" section in the instructions to find out how.

Many customers complained about the initial chemical smell but failed to read the instructions to know that it's completely normal.

Precautions When Using a Toaster

Using a toaster correctly ensures a safe kitchen environment. I'm sure you're aware of most of these precautions but just to make sure...

1) Do not stick metal in the toaster while the toaster is plugged in. This can electrocute you and cause serious bodily harm. 

2) When using the toaster, refrain from using anything else plugged into the same socket. This can overwhelm the circuit.

3) Clean your toaster often to avoid the chance of a fire. Food debris can build up at the bottom of the toaster and potentially catch fire. 


I hope this article was helpful. My goal is always to supply you with a one-stop-shop and address any questions that may come up. If I missed something or you have any questions, don't hesitate to use the comment box below. I always do my best to get back to responses within 24 hours.

Cheers guys!


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    1. Hey Steve,

      There was a comment from a woman who said the there is a cord “wrap around” post underneath the unit. But unfortunately there are two common complaints from customers regarding the toaster’s cord.

      1) The cord is too small (roughly 3 feet in length)
      2) The cord starts at the base of the unit just underneath the slider (if you have the slider positioned farthest away from the outlet, this will leave you with roughly 22″ of cord length to plug it in from the rear)

      Surely a design flaw, but usually not a deal breaker.

      Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


  1. Hey Michael! This is a very nice and informative post. Personally I love using my toaster. Though I did not know how to clean it well, after use, after reading this post, I have all the info I need. I am also a foodie fan! Thanks!

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