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A beer fridge is a logical addition to any expanding living space. Having a convenient fridge for your beers and other beverages makes entertaining much easier and helps to keep your brews perfectly chilled.

Like other types of fridges, there are plenty of beer fridge options to suit your needs and lifestyle. Finding the right beer fridge is all about knowing what you need to store, and how much of it you'll be storing. If you want to find the ideal beer fridge for your needs, check out our recommendations for a comprehensive guide on specifications and other pertinent features.

Fridges 1-5 are freestanding (require side clearance) and fridges 6-10 are rated for under counter application (no required side clearance).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a note at the bottom of the page.


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Freestanding vs Under Counter Fridges

The most important difference between freestanding and under counter fridges is where they can be placed. Under counter refrigerators should have front-ventilation (usually below the unit), ensuring proper heat ventilation in tight, zero clearance spaces. Under counter units will usually cost more, but offer you more versatility for placement. 

Strict, freestanding refrigerators need a certain clearance on the sides to ensure proper heat dissipation. Freestanding refrigerators can usually be used under counter as long as they have proper clearance on all sides. Freestanding fridges cost less, but cannot be safely placed in tight areas (usually).

Under Counter
(Front ventilation)

(No front ventilation)

Top Rated Beer Fridges

Freestanding (1-5)

3) Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - Best Temperature Control

5) Cooluli 20 Liter Miniature Fridge -  Best Miniature Beer Fridge 

Under Counter (6-10)

6) Kalamera 24" Stainless Steel Under Counter Beverage Fridge - Best 24" Under Counter Beer Fridge w/ Stainless Steel Door

7) Kalamera 24" Stainess Steel Under Counter Beverage Fridge w/ Glass Door - Best 24" Under Counter Beer Fridge w/ Glass Door

8) Kalamera 15" Stainless Steel Under Counter Beverage Fridge - Best 15" Under Counter Beer Fridge w/ Stainless Steel Door

9) Aobosi 15" Under Counter Beverage Fridge w/ Glass Door - Best 15" Under Counter Beer Fridge w/ Glass Door

Best Beer Fridges

1) hOmeLabs 120 Can Beverage/Beer Refrigerator

Trying to gauge a product’s quality from Amazon reviews is always a little tricky. But it’s a lot easier when you have close to 5,500 ratings to go by. As of 8/16/22, the hOmelabs beverage fridge maintains a 4.6-star score after thousands of customers have tried it and rated it. That’s a pretty stellar vote of confidence.

Why does this fridge get such high grades? For one thing, it can get down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, cold enough for those American brews that are at their best when extra-frosty. Few beer fridges can match that, especially those with glass doors to let you inspect your supply. The touch-based temperature controls are responsive and precise, and customers also praised the sleek appearance.

You can rearrange the 3 removable shelves among 6 different slots to make room for bottles and cans of all sizes. Some customers noted that the position of the rear fan reduces the space on the top rack a bit. However, you can still fit about 70 standard cans. That’s less than the 120 the company promises, but it’s still a respectable hoard.

One other note: the bulb for the internal light is white, but it comes with some colored tape over it to change it to a cool blue. You can decide for yourself which color you prefer.

While the pictures on Amazon show this unit under a counter (with little space for heat dissipation), we don't recommend using this unit as an undercounter fridge. The lack of a lower vent makes it difficult to decipher how this unit expels heat. However, as long as there is good clearance on all sides, this unit should be able to get rid of heat under a counter. 

Temperature Range: 34-50°F
External Dimensions: 17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches


Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • Great insulation and steady temperature control
  • Quiet operation
  • Reversible door hinges
  • “Love the blue light”


  • Shelves are a little flimsy for the price
  • Top shelf gets warmer than others

2) Euhomy 3.2 Cu Ft Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, with Adjustable Shelves for Soda, Beer or Wine - Black Stainless Steel

The Euhomy is very similar in design to our #1 choice - which is probably why their ratings are basically neck and neck. The only reason we didn’t give this one the top slot is that it hasn’t racked up nearly as many reviews as the hOmelabs model. That makes its rating a little less definitive. 

4.7 stars after 950+ reviews (as of 7/7/2022) isn’t half bad, though! And on the plus side, the Euhomy is a bit less expensive than our #1 fridge.

Our two top-ranked fridges have the same size, same internal capacity, same # of racks, same # of rack positions, same temperature range, and same control-panel style. The most notable difference is the color and material of the front door frame. The Euhomy beer fridge features a black stainless door frame, making it stand out from the more common chrome style.

Customers repeatedly mentioned the sleek look, heavy-duty glass door, and simple control display. There were a few complaints about it being slightly noisy.

Temperature Range: 34-50°F
External Dimensions: 17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches
Internal Capacity: 3.2 Cubic Ft (approx 70 cans). Although the company states 120 cans, customer confirm that the unit can only hold roughly 70 cans with the racks in place



Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • "Glass door has a hefty feel."
  • Adjustable feet
  • "The reversible door is a nice touch."
  • "Compact footprint."


  • Temperature control slightly off
  • "A bit noisy."

3) Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

One common complaint about beverage fridges is that they don’t offer as much storage as expected. If you’ve run into this problem, we recommend the 3.6 cubic feet of space inside the Vremi Beverage Refrigerator. It can store 100 cans without breaking a sweat, including at least some craft-brew tallboys. As with our previous two picks, you can shuffle those racks around if you’re trying to fit big bottles or growlers.

On top of that, the Vremi excellent at a fridge’s primary job: keeping your beverages cold. If anything, you might need to bump the thermostat a bit higher than you think to avoid freezing on the lower shelves! 

Other useful features include an automatic defrost linked to a temperature sensor and a large, easy-to-read digital display. There are also very few complaints about compressor noise, which is rare for something with this much cooling power.

The main drawback is that you’ll probably have to experiment a bit to find the right settings. Many customers noted that the interior temperature doesn’t quite match where they’ve set the controls. Try running a few tests with some cheaper beers that won’t break your heart if they freeze. 

Temperature range: 32-61°F
External Dimensions: 18.7 x 18.89 x 33.74 inches
Internal Capacity: 3.6 cubic feet. The manufacturer says 110 to 130 cans, but 100-110 is probably more realistic.


Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • "The unit is virtually noiseless."
  • Great customer service
  • Keeps beverages VERY cold
  • Looks great
  • Shelves can be rearranged 


  • Possibly prone to accumulated condensation
  • Stainless Steel can show fingerprints and smudges

4) Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Refrigerator 2.6 Cu.Ft. Black/Stainless-Steel

We understand that everybody needs a fridge tailored to their space constraints. This here is the median between a full-size beer fridge and a portable ice chest. Offering you the convenience of a beer fridge without the usual space investment. 

While smaller, it still has a lot of the perks some of the bigger options offer. Firstly, it has 3 adjustable/removable shelves with 6 different rack positions. As you can see from the picture below, this allows you the convenience of storing different sized beverages on each level. 

One customer stated that it fits, "12 short cans, 15 long cans, 1 wine bottle, 5 water bottles, 6 tiny bottles, 2 packs of snacks, with still plenty of room left. 

In other words, If you're into craft beer (or just varying-sized beverage containers), this may be the perfect fit for you.

Keep in mind, the temperature range of this unit is 43-57°F, which is actually a little warm for some of the American Lagers like Coors, Miller and Budweiser (or soda). For those storing IPAs, Pale Ales, Dark Ales or anything with a similar (or higher) alcohol content, 43°F is just fine.

(There were some customers who were able to lower the temperature below 43°F. Just keep in mind that messing with the refrigerators' thermostat could void the warranty or overwork the refrigerator).

Here's a guide to beer styles and their respective storing/serving temperatures.  

It's hard to distinguish the real can-capacity for the Danby fridge. The description states this fridge can hold up to 95 regular sized (12 oz) cans, but this is without the racks in place. Based off customer responses of other fridges, can-storage with racks in place usually comes out to 60% of what the company advertises.

That means this fridge can probably hold around 50-55 cans (12 oz cans) with racks in optimal positions. 

With over 1,100 Amazon ratings, this unit has sustained a 4.5 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). Verified buyers continually touched on the sleek internal light, the conveniently small size, and its perfect placement in an office, garage or home bar. There were several complaints about the temperature not getting low enough, and sub-par customer service.

Temperature Range: 43-57°F
External Dimensions: 19.7 x 17.5 x 27.1 inches
Internal Capacity: 2.6 Cubic Ft (approx 50 cans). Although the company states 95-can capacity, with racks in place, it's probably closer to around 50 cans. 

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • "Love the glass door and blue LED light."
  • "Placed in my spouses mancave."
  • "Doesn't take up too much space."
  • "Swapping the door hinge was pretty simple."


  • Temperature range too warm
  • Poor customer service
  • Complaints of it arriving with dents

5) Cooluli Concord White 20 Liter Miniature Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge for Bedroom, Office, Car, or Dorm - Portable 

Yes, we know it's small, but for what this beer fridge lacks in size, it makes up for in space-saving and portability. At just 16" tall, 11.25" wide and 13.75" deep, you can practically put this miniature beer fridge wherever you please.

The Cooluli fridge has an internal capacity of 20L (0.7 cubic feet), which holds about 18 cans maximum (said one responding customer). This is a great size for those who are just looking to clear up some space in their home fridge. It's also great for those who want the convenience of having a fridge closer at-hand.

Equipped with both DC and AC power options, you can run this on your household outlets, or your 12V car battery. While there is no battery on the unit itself, it's portable as long as you have an AC or DC type power supply nearby.

The unit boasts a temperature range of 16°-149°F, but the company says that it depends on the ambient temperature outside of the fridge. The digital control panel on the front makes setting the temperature as simple as a few presses up or down. 

The front is made of glass which gives this miniature fridge a sleek, futuristic design. The color options include aqua blue, black, pink and white. 

With over 1,900 Amazon ratings, this miniature fridge has sustained a 4.3 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). People continually touched on the fast cooling speed, the sleek look and the quiet operation. There were several complaints of faulty units (ones that would not reach desired temp). Thankfully, there were a lot of responders who said the customer service was great.

Temperature Range: 16-149°F (depending on outside ambient temperature)
External Dimensions:11.25" W x 13.75" D x 16.25" H
Internal Capacity: 20 Liters (Approx 0.7 Cubic ft). Fits approximately 15-18 cans. 

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Inside cools very quickly
  • "I love how sleek it looks."
  • Quiet
  • Good customer service


  • Complaints of faulty units
  • Only works well with consistent outside temperatures (some say)

6) Kalamera 24" Stainless Steel Under Counter Beverage Cooler - Soda and Beer Refrigerator 

Kalamera made its debut on our site when we were researching products for our "best under-counter refrigerators" review. There really wasn't any debate. Kalamera was our favorite under-counter fridge manufacturer on Amazon due to its high review count and high star ratings.

For a product that requires installation, quality parts and great customer service are of the utmost importance. Thankfully, there are customer reviews to support that Kalamera takes both of these components very seriously. 

This is not your everyday beverage fridge. The higher retail price will quickly convince you, if the upgraded appearance hasn't already. Equipped with bottom ventilation, you can use this fridge as a freestanding or under-counter beverage fridge.  

In other words, as long as it fits and the front vents are clear from any obstructions, you can put this fridge wherever you please (although most don't recommend using it outdoors). 

It also has a 150 can capacity (without shelves), so with shelves it can probably store around 90 standard sized (12 oz) cans. The energy guide states that this fridge will cost an average of $18 per year on your electric bill, which is hardly anything compared to a standard sized refrigerator. 

With over 300 Amazon ratings, this fridge has maintained a 4.6 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). People continually touched on the sleek appearance, the cold temperatures it maintains and the great internal capacity. There were a few complaints about faulty handles. Get in touch with customer service if this happens to you. They appear to be very responsive. 

Temperature Range: 32-41°F 
External Dimensions: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33.1 inches
Internal Capacity: Fits approximately 154 cans without racks and approximately 90 cans with racks. 

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • "Extremely quiet."
  • "It has plenty of room and keeps the beverages inside very cold."
  • Good temperature range 
  • "It's beautiful, looks really good."


  • Handle sometimes doesn't secure properly
  • Door not reversible

7) Kalamera 24 inch Under Counter Beverage Refrigerator - Beverage Cooler w/ Glass Door

You guessed it, this fridge is the better looking cousin of the Kalamera above. While they both share a common positive customer response, there is one major trade-off to consider.

With this fridge you get the awesome glass door. Unfortunately, likely due to the lack of insulation with glass, the temperature range is a tad bit warmer than the Kalamera above. This usually isn't a deal breaker for most because it still gets pretty cold. 

The temperature range of this model is 38-50°F, whereas the stainless steel door Kalamera above has a temp range of 34-50°F. The good news is that 38°F will get all your everyday beverages to their proper coldness. 

With a whopping 5 wire racks, you can put every inch of space to good use. This is especially true if you're strictly using standard 12 oz cans. If the time comes when you have some larger items, take a few racks out to make space.

The internal blue LED light lends a classy look to the items inside. The control panel is at the top of the unit just as you open the door. The buttons include a light, Celsius or Fahrenheit setting, and up and down buttons to change the set temperature. 

With over 930 Amazon ratings, this beverage fridge has sustained a 4.3 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). People continually touched on the sleek blue LED light, the quiet operation and the positive overall functionality of the cooling applications. There were several complaints about units showing up damaged (probably due to UPS, not so much the Kalamera company). There were also a few complaints about the fridge only going down to 38°F. 

Temperature Range: 38-50°F 
External Dimensions: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
Internal Capacity: Fits approximately 154 cans without racks and approximately 90 cans with racks. 

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • "The blue LED light was a nice touch."
  • "Compliments our other stainless steel appliances."
  • "Good for under counter slide-in applications."
  • "Really quiet."


  • Some units came damaged
  • Temperature only goes down to 38°F

8) Kalamera 15 Inch Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler - Soda and Beer Refrigerator Chills Drinks at 32-41 Degrees 

A slimmer model for a smaller space. If you've got over 15" to spare under your counter, the Kalameria 15" stainless beverage cooler might be the perfect candidate. 

Again, Kalamera is one of our favorite under-counter fridge companies. They make high quality equipment for a fair price (not cheap, but cheaper than the big fridge manufacturers). They also have a large number of positive reviews regarding their customer service. 

With all that said, this is the skinnier version of the Kalamera 24" stainless model above. It fits in a smaller area while still using its internal space as efficiently as possible, providing a 104-can capacity without the shelves inside (probably around 60 cans with the shelves installed). 

The vents are placed below the fridge, providing proper heat dissipation for tight areas. In others words, this fridge can sit flush between two cabinets and get rid of its heat sufficiently to get down to a temperature range of 32-41°F.

With over 300 Amazon ratings, the Kalamera fridge has sustained a 4.6 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). People continually touched on the fridges' sleek look, its ability to maintain colder temperatures, and its quiet operation. There were a few complaints about the handle (which seems to be a pretty common complaint among Kalameras fridges). Call customer service if you have any issues. 

Temperature Range: 38-50°F 
External Dimensions: 22.4 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches
Internal Capacity: Approx. 2.9 Cubic feet (via customer response). Fits approximately 104 cans without racks and approximately 60 cans with racks.

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • "Temperature is holding within 1° of setting, I bought a $5 refrigerator thermometer to test."
  • "It runs quietly."
  • "Even in the intense south FL summer heat it's keeping beer at exact temp (set at 36 degrees)."
  • "It’s beautiful, looks really good."


  • More complaints on the handle and its installation
  • " Zero clearance between shelves so if you manage to fill it with cans good luck getting them out."

9) Aobosi Beverage Refrigerator 15 ", 94 Cans Built-in Beverage Cooler with Adjustable Shelves, Ideal for Beer, Soda, Water or Wine

Aobosi is one of those larger companies that hides in plain sight. While the name may not ring a bell, if you've spent any time looking on Amazon for kitchen products, you've probably stumbled upon them.

There are a few important reasons Aobosi always makes it to the first page of your Amazon searches:

1) Incredible reviews
2) Incredible prices

3) Probably some paid advertising (let's be honest) 

Aobosi is a rare company capable of sustaining reviews that compete with some of the bigger, more well-known kitchen manufacturers. But they offer their products for a much lower price (similar to Mueller in terms of their tactic for high quality for a lower price). 

Aobosi's under counter fridge is no exception.

With over 350 Amazon ratings, the Aobosi fridge has maintained a 4.3 / 5 star review (as of  7/7/2022). Equipped with 4 removable shelves and 6 available slot positions, you can rearrange the fridge as you please. That means wine glasses, beer bottles or beer cans. Whatever you might need.

The only variable that makes us question the integrity of this company is their customer service. Some customers said it was fantastic, and others complained that they couldn't even get ahold of the company. Hard to distinguish whether this is a fault of the company or possibly some disgruntled customers crying wolf.

Temperature Range: 36-50°F 
External Dimensions: 14.96” x 22.95” x 34.2” (WxDxH)
Internal Capacity: Hard to say with many mixed responses from customers.

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Sleek blue internal light
  • Multiple reviews on the great packaging
  • "Every time our guests walk in they admire it."
  • "It is very compact and accessible, yet so useful."


  • Some complaints of loudness when fan kicks on
  • Compressor runs often to sustain lower temperatures

10) Phiestina Wine and Beverage Refrigerator 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Beer Cooler Refrigerator (Freestanding)

And last but not least, the fridge designed for those who thought they were looking for a beer fridge, but found that a beer and wine fridge just made more sense.

While this is Phiestina's only mention in the review, the company's under-counter refrigerator line nearly came in a close second every single time. Their dual-zone temperature controlled fridge just happens to be the model that broke the barrier.

The left side fits up to 20 wine bottles and offers a temperature range of 40-66°F. This is perfect for storing chilled chardonnays, warm cabernets and everything in between. The right side stores up to 78 cans and offers a temperature range of 38-50°F, perfect for chilled lagers or warmer, strong ales. 

The 24" width fits perfectly in your typical dishwasher space, and offers a sleek, stainless look to your cabinetry. Having the versatility of both wine and beer chilling in the same unit, is bar none one of the best refrigerator inventions ever. 

With over 530 Amazon ratings, the Phiestina fridge has maintained a 4.3 / 5 star review (as of 7/7/2022). People continually touched on how well it fit in their space, the sturdy packaging it came in, and the perks of having dual temperature control. There were a few complaints of defective units and the temperature not getting cold enough (on the right side) for customer's taste. 

Temperature Range (Left): 40 to 66°F
Temperature Range (Right): 38 to 50°F
External Dimensions: 23.4 x H 33.9 x D 22.4
Internal Capacity: 20 bottles of wine on left and 78 cans on right (without racks), around 45 with racks. 

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • "Fit like a glove."
  • "Came well packaged and arrived on a wooden pallet."
  • "Offers the versatility of holding multiple types of beverages."
  • "Setup was a breeze."


  • Some people like beer colder than 38°F
  • Complaints of it showing up defective (but positive customer service responses)

Consider Before You Buy


Not surprisingly, size should be your first quality to consider. There are really two questions you have to ask yourself:

1) How much room do you have?
2) How much do you need to store?

We always recommend figuring out what you need now, and adding a little more space for the unexpected future. This is especially true for those who like different types of beverages (wine, craft beer, tall cans, champagne). Taller items require you to take racks out, which means less room for your standard 12 oz beer cans. 

If you're looking for the fridge to hold over 50 standard beer cans, we recommend going with a fridge with anything over 2.8 cubic ft internal capacity. If you don't plan to store that many cans in the future, there are options for 2.6 cubic ft (fits approximately 50 cans) down to 0.7 cubic ft (fits approximately 18 cans). 

Temperature Range

One of the most overlooked qualities people wish they'd thought about before they purchased a fridge. We read a LOT of reviews from customers wishing their fridges got colder

With this in mind, we highly recommend finding a beer fridge that reaches freezing (32°F / 0°C). While this is usually far too cold for most of us, having a colder temperature range is going to keep our Coors, Budweiser and Miller drinkers as happy as possible.

You'll also find that drinking beers that are technically supposed to be served warmer, taste better than drinking beers that are supposed to be served colder. Also, if a beer is supposed to be served warmer than the temperature range allows, you can always take it out of the fridge and let it warm up at room-temperature. This is a simple fix, where the opposite isn't. 

Dual Temperature Zones

Having dual temperature zones in your fridge has obvious advantages. Having the ability to hold beverages (or anything) at two separate temperatures means you can keep your different beverages at their optimal storage temp. This becomes increasingly important with those of you who are craft beer enthusiasts. 

While many of us assume that all beer should be kept at the max coldest setting, brewers (and beer enthusiasts) would beg to differ. Proper temperatures for specific style beer can go as low 34° and as high as 55°F. Personal preference can broaden this range even more.

With that said, having dual temperature zones just means one more thing that can fail over time. It's a gamble some will be willing to take. For those who stick pretty closely to their beer of choice, dual temp zones is probably unnecessary.


And there you have it. Here at Robust Kitchen we are huge beer nerds, and we care about the details that might appear insignificant to some. Whatever your interest level, we hope this article was helpful.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a note below. 



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