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7 Best Toasters with Egg Cooker – Two Birds, One Stone

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When it comes to kitchen appliances, we can all appreciate something that can do multiple things. It may seem weird at first, but toasters with egg cookers are one of those multi-use appliances that can save space and time in the kitchen!

These appliances are also great for RV campers or dorm rooms.

But which type of toaster/egg cooker combo will work best for you?

Well, it depends.

In this article we'll be breaking down the different ways technology has allowed us to put these two cooking modes together. We'll also reveal the best toaster with egg cookers to date.

Your Options

Option #1: Toaster with Egg Pouches


In addition to toasting your bread, this is a toaster that has an area on the side where you can warm up ready-to-eat meats or cook eggs.


  • You can cook a large amount of eggs at once.
  • Quick and easy if you like a simple breakfast such as toast and eggs.
  • You have the option to prepare your eggs in different ways such as boiled, poached or scrambled


  • You cannot toast your bread and cook eggs at the same time.
  • The unit is bulky.
  • Too many pieces and attachments.

Options #2: Toaster Oven w/ Skillet On top


Can you hear the bacon sizzling? Having a skillet on top of your toaster oven allows you to fry up eggs or crisp up your meats.


  • You can toast and cook eggs and meats at the same time
  • Save counter space by having coffee maker merged into toaster oven
  • Large cooking capacity for more servings


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Some of these multi-function toasters have too many functions and become more prone to malfunctions
  • Cooking more food requires more cleaning
  • Requires a large amount of power

Option #3: Breakfast Sandwich Maker


All in the name, this kitchen gadget makes sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a position for the top piece of bread, the egg, protein and bottom piece of the bread.


  • Makes your breakfast in 5 minutes or less
  • Room for creativity to creating different types of sandwiches
  • Small and takes up little space


  • Limited to only making sandwiches
  • Small unit so you cannot cook multiple foods at a time
  • Some customers may find a sandwich maker lightweight and flimsy

Best Toaster with Egg Pouches

#1 - Nostalgia Classic Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station Toaster, Steamer and Griddle (CLBS3AQ)



Toast Slice Capacity: 2 slices
Egg Capacity: cook up to 6 eggs


Non-Stick Griddle

This is a great attachment to have to fry eggs and sear breakfast meats.

Silicon Cooking Ring

Want your egg in a perfect circle? This ring will do it!

Steamer basket

This is used to boil eggs, but you can also use it to steam vegetables!


  • Saves on counter space
  • Cooks everything in a timely manner
  • With the steamer basket, you can steam vegetables and not just eggs


  • Manual is difficult to read

#2 - West Bend 2-Slice Breakfast Station Wide Slot Toaster with 2 Egg Pouches (78500)



Toast Slice Capacity: 2
Egg Capacity: up to 8 eggs


Wide Toaster Slots

Large slots allow for English muffins, artisan breads and bagels to be toasted.

Meat Tray

Allows ready to eat meats to be warmed up.

2 Egg Rings

These rings keep the eggs in tack and not spread out.


  • Great for people on the go or need breakfast quickly
  • Customers like being able to cook 8 eggs vs 6 eggs
  • Cooks without much mess


  • The egg maker and toaster work separately, not together
  • Customers reported a defective item after a few uses
  • The measuring cup used to pour water into the appliance is difficult to understand

Best Toaster Oven with Overhead Skillet

#3 - Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Coffeemaker, Griddle, Toaster Oven



External Dimensions: 11.5in X 19.25in X 12in
Toast Capacity: up to 4 slices
Egg Capacity: 2 eggs
Coffee Capacity: 4 cups


Coffee Maker

What is better than drinking coffee while your breakfast is cooking? Accessories include glass carafe, coffee scoop and filter.

Multi-functioning Toaster

Not only can you toast bread, but 7- inch pizzas, cookies and casseroles.

Large Non stick griddle

Having a large non stick griddle allows room for more food to be cooked.


  • Customers love the coffee maker. It brews up to 4 cups at a time
  • Great appliance for small kitchens and on the go for RV campers
  • Customers enjoy the aesthetics of the retro style toaster


  • A few customers complained about the product feeling flimsy and not durable
  • The lid to the griddle does not close all the way
  • There is no temp control, only timer. So the only temp available is HOT

#4 - Vingtank Toaster Oven with Overhead Skillet



External Dimensions:8.65in X 5.9in X 5.50in
Toaster Oven Cavity Capacity: 0.5 cubic feet
Toast Slice Capacity: up to 2 slices
Egg Capacity: 1 egg


Compact Size

Small and compact, this is great for a kitchen with limited space.


  • Small unit, takes up little space
  • Cooks the egg and toasts bread at the same time


  • The appliance is too small
  • Does not fit enough food
  • Not enough reviews

#5 - Elite Gourmet ERO-2019S Countertop Toaster Oven with Top Grill & Griddle Rotisserie



External Dimensions: 14.5in X 17in X 15in
Toaster Oven Cavity Capacity: 0.8 cubic feet
Toast Slice Capacity: 6 slices of toast
Egg Capacity: up to 4 eggs


Numerous Cooking Features

This toaster allows you to grill, bake, broil, steam and rotisserie a chicken!

Adjustable Timer and Temperature

You can set a 60 minute timer and temperature up to 450F

Extra Large Capacity

Extra large capacity is nice to have to cook more food such as a 12-inch pizza.


  • Customers love the rotisserie function
  • Many people find this appliance useful for meal prep
  • Additional accessories are included such as rotisserie skewer, pan removal handle, rotisserie removal tongs, bake pan and wire rack, slide out crumb tray


  • The timer for cooking is too short
  • Does not bake bread well

Best Breakfast Sandwich Makers

#6 - Hamilton Beach Single Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25475A)



External Dimensions: 7.3in X 6.3in X 5.6in
Egg Capacity: 1 egg


Short Cooking Time

If you're always on the go, this gadget is for you! Cook your sandwich in five minutes!

Recipes Available

If you're out of sandwich ideas, Hamilton provides a database for sandwich recipes for you to try out.


  • Great to have during your college years
  • Customers love the quick cooking time
  • All parts are removable and dishwasher safe


  • No visual timer. Have to guess how much time left on cooking
  • There is no power switch for safety. It must be plugged in to turn on and unplugged to turn off
  • Some customers find it lightweight and flimsy

#7 - Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25490A)



External Dimensions: 7.83in X10.39in X 5.91in
Egg Capacity: 2 eggs


Double the Sandwich

This is great for families or if you're just a hungry person; you can make two sandwiches at a time.

Visual Timer

People get impatient when they can not see how much cooking time is left. This appliance has a visual countdown.


  • Allows versatility with ingredients. You do not have to use eggs on your sandwich
  • Unit is easy to clean and wipe down
  • Great for families with kids, you can knock out a lot of breakfast sandwiches quickly


  • The cheese gets messy during the cooking process
  • No power switch to turn the maker on and off. You need to plug in or unplug
  • Some customers complained of poor quality and defective appliances after a few months of use

Consider Before You Buy



Before purchasing a multi-function toaster, double check your kitchen counter space and design. Yes, these appliances are meant to save space, however some are bulkier than others.

Toasters with egg pouches are more on the average size, whereas toaster ovens with the overhead griddles take up more space. You may also need to consider some overhead clearance to utilize the skillet properly.

Do You Really Need to Consolidate the Two?

This comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. If you eat breakfast every day, then having a toaster that also cooks your eggs might be more efficient for you.

It's important to think about how often you would use the egg cooking feature and if it's something you can see yourself using in the long run.

Typical Lifetime of these Units

The average lifespan of a toaster ranges from six to eight years. The average life span of a toaster-oven is five years. 

Sounds great, however, when these toasters and ovens have more functions to perform, the life expectancy may decrease.

This also depends on how often it is used and cleaned.


We hope this article has given you some useful information to help make your decision on purchasing a multi-function toaster a little easier.

Remember to take into consideration the size, your breakfast habits and how often you would use the egg cooker. These factors will help you decide if this is an appliance you should add to your kitchen, RV or dorm room.

Happy breakfast-ing!


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