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Making space in the kitchen is a step by step process. We're constantly adding new things and finding new and improved ways of consolidating to make new space on our precious kitchen countertops. It's the logical move in a constantly expanding kitchen. 

Over-the-sink drying racks are one of the most impactful ways to do this. They take items you'd usually dry on your countertops, and places them in an area completely new and unused....

That empty space above the sink.

Below we've outline the 10 best over the sink drying racks of 2020. We've also included a buying guide to help you find the right one for your particular kitchen. Leave a note at the bottom of the page if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚


Top Rated Products

1) COVAODQ Over the Sink Dishwashing Rack (Amazon) - Best Overall

2) HEOMU Over the Sink 2-Tier Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best Two Level Drying Rack

3) Surpah's Over the Sink Drying Rack Amazon) - Simplest Drying Rack

4) TOOLF Expandable Over the Sink Drying Rack (Amazon)- Best on a Budget

5) iSpecle Stainless Steel Over the Sink Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best Single Level Drying Rack

6) Homelux Theory Adjustable Over the Sink Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best Adjustable Drying Rack

7) Majalis Large Capacity Adjustable Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best XL, Adjustable Drying Rack

8) 1EasyLife Large Adjustable 2-Tier Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best Large, Adjustable Drying Rack

9) WellRun Length and Height Adjustable Drying Rack (Amazon) - Best Height and Length Adjustable Drying Rack

1) COVAODQ Over the Sink Dishwashing Rack

After some serious deliberation, the Covaodq model was the best all around over-the- sink drying rack. Verified customers were unanimously happy with three very important variables...

1) Convenient size

Not too big and not too small. People were overall very happy that the drying rack fit their sink comfortably. Covaodq also comes with two different sizes...

One model fits any sink under 24 1/2" wide and the other model fits any sink under 32 1/2".

2) Ease of Assembly

The drying rack could be the bees knees, but what if the instructions are bad? If assembly and disassembly are complicated, then you can expect cleaning to be complicated as well. Thankfully, customers were extremely happy with the ease of assembly, disassembly and overall cleaning of this drying rack

3) Sleek Look

It's important to find products that only add to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. Customers were very happy with the way their drying rack looked in their kitchen.

Our rating:

5 / 5 Stars


  • "Looks amazing"
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • "solved a very real space issue"


  • Comes in a gigantic box
  • Higher price

2) HEOMU Over the Sink 2-Tier Drying Rack

It's a little funny to find out how many peoples lives were changed by this simple, over-the-sink concept. Take a look at the Amazon reviews if you get a chance.

People wrote anxiously about how they,"couldn't believe they'd lived this long without having an over-the-sink drying rack".

People were most shocked that such a large drying rack could sell for such a lower price. Thankfully, the lower price was not indicative of poorer quality materials. With just over 2400 Amazon reviews, this over-think-sink drying rack has sustained a 4.5 /5 star rating (as of 10/12/2020).

With the bigger size, more compartments, and nice stainless finish, you really can't go wrong. That being said, make sure and take the proper measurements. Nothing worse than patiently awaiting your package to find the product doesn't fit. 

Any sink under 35" across should work great. Some customers recommended giving yourself an extra half an inch or so on both side to be sure. Let's say 34" then ๐Ÿ™‚

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Tons of storage space
  • Sturdy, high quality material
  • Great for houses without dishwashers
  • "Worth every penny"


  • Utensils sometimes slide out of the bottom
  • Hooks for mugs don't allow water to drain

3) Surpah's Over the Sink Drying Rack

Simplicity at its best. Not all of us need as much drying room as the larger drying racks provide. Some of just need a little extra drying space for those bigger dish days.

This unit is great for small RVs, apartments, or houses that just need a little extra dish-drying room. The rollout design makes it super easy to store and transport which is nice for those who have less room available.

It has a food safe silicone, nonslip coating which keeps it from sliding all over your kitchen. It's also BPA free so you can rest easy knowing it's made of quality, safe material.

If you have a dishwasher available, it's also dishwasher safe so you can throw it in with the bigger loads. 

Surpah is confident enough to place a lifetime warranty on their product, which is a huge plus in our book. 

The rack dimensions are 17-1/2"L x 13-1/8"W x 1/4"H. Make sure you have the right sized sink space for it. 

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Works great for a second set of dishes
  • Easy to roll and store
  • Great for smaller spaces (RVs, apartments, etc)
  • Stays in place due to nonslip coating
  • Super cheap


  • Slightly flexes with heavier equipment
  • Not good for a large amount of dishes

4) TOOLF Expandable Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

Yes, another simple design no doubt. Your everyday, ordinary dish rack with one small, yet critical difference...

Expandable support

For those who aren't looking for a big, bulky, over-the-sink drying rack, this unit offers you similar space saving qualities without the space investment.

It has 3 options which make it ideal for those who have dynamic needs...

1) Over the sink
2) In the Sink
3) On a drying mat

Equipped with 1 utensil compartment, 9 plate racks, and 8 side glass holders it can easily offer a small household everything it needs. At the very least, it can be used as an additional dish drying rack for those larger occasions. 

Not expanded, this unit measures 13.8" L x 11.4" W x 4.1" H
Expanded, each arm can pull out a max of 3.35"

TOOLF also 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hard to evaluate exactly what that entails, but the high star rating makes us inclined to believe people were generally happy with customer service.  

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Sturdy
  • Sleek look
  • Great for smaller sinks
  • Creates more useable counter-space
  • Also great for RVs, apartments and smaller kitchens


  • Smaller items fall through the rack
  • Not good for a large amount of dishes
  • Can slip off sink if not adjusted correctly

5) iSpecle Stainless Steel Over the Sink Dish Rack

Selling for a slightly lower price than most competitors, this over-the-sink drying rack provides all the basic compartments of a versatile drying rack.

The most mentioned difference is the larger number of utensil/mug hooks. These are increasingly important for those home-chefs out there who have a utensil for every cooking application. It's also useful for those larger coffee/tea drinking families who can use the extra hanging space

It also has a convenient soap and detergent rack that keeps you from having to reach around the rack to get the soap (trust me, it gets annoying). 

The company also offers detailed measuring instructions to make sure it'll fit before you make the buy. 

The length of your sink must be below 32.3", the height of the faucet to the countertop less than 16.9", and the height between the cabinet and the countertop greater than or equal to 24".

We highly recommend this unit for those who are trying to consolidate and save space, without breaking the bank

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Easy assembly
  • Great for small kitchen space
  • Great extra shelves and hook
  • Easy instructions
  • Great for large utensils (good # of hooks)


  • Not highest quality material
  • Utensil cup doesn't drain well
  • Cutting board rack doesn't have drip tray

6)  Homelux Theory Over the Sink Drying Rack

Very similar to the Covaodq above (#1 on our list), the Homelux Theory model offers a slightly different orientation of dish drying compartments with a few unique additions as well.

This unit offers a plate rack, Bowl & Pot Tray, Fruit & Veggie Basket (or Cup Drainer), Knife Holder, Chopping Board Holder, Sink Tray for Dish Soap and Brushes, Double Cutlery Drainer, 8 cup/glass drainers, and 5x Utensil Hooks.

The bolded sections above highlight the main features that differentiate this model from the Covaodq model above

It also has an 88 Lb load capacity which will can allow you to dry some of your heavier pots and pans no problem. We recommend this model as the ultimate "medium" unit. It's perfect for a family of four or five

Homelux Theory also offers different sized drying racks so you can find the perfect one for your sink. This includes a 31.1" model, an adjustable 33.4"-39.3" model, a double base 33.5" model, and a 37.4" model. 

Amazon also has a helpful video that can give you a visual of how this drying rack actually looks in the kitchen. It also shows the easy installation. 

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Sleek look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid frame
  • Versatile with many different storage options


  • No channels to direct water into sink
  • Baskets are too big
  • Suction cups don't always hold

7)  Majalis Large Capacity Expandable Drying Rack

Gigantic in nature, the Majalis expandable drying rack is not for the RV or small apartment. It is a multi-level dish drying station most suitable for the parents with a hefty litter of little ones.

The only other conceivable scenario where this drying rack is appropriate is for those who cook for large parties and don't have a dishwasher. Don't get me wrong, this drying has nothing but fantastic reviews. We just want to ensure you can put this big guy to proper use.

The first level features plate, bowl and mug holders for your typical everyday tableware. The second level is a flat surface with holes so you can dry/store pans, cups or anything flat. It's also equipped with 1 silverware holder, 1 knife holder, 1 cutting board holder, 1 basket, and 6 metal hooks. 

This drying racks maximum load is 110 Lbs which makes it an absolute beast in the kitchen. At the very least, if you can't use all the space for drying, store some other kitchen items on top. It can easily clear up some kitchen counter space. 

To ensure it will fit, the Sinkโ€˜s length should be  under 33.5", faucet height should be under 17" and the height between cabinet surface and the ceiling should be Greater than 32"

Our rating:

4.5 / 5 Stars


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy material
  • "Worth the price"
  • Saves tons of counter space


  • Better for sinks without a window
  • Side baskets drain onto kitchen counter
  • Too narrow for big pots/pans

8)  1EasyLife Adjustable Large Drying Rack

A newer model on Amazon, the 1EasyLife Adjustable Drying Rack is a cheaper alternative with similar benefits of more expensive models.

Offering a fruit & vegetable basket, Cup Holder, plate rack,  bowl rack, knife holder, utensil holder cage, chopping board holder, Paper Towel Holder, square basket for cleaning supplies, plus 7 hanging hooks.

While the paper towel holder sounds like a really great perk, there were some complaints about water dripping on it. It may be to the side, but water can drip on the metal and makes its way over. Just something to keep in mind. 

This 1EasyLife model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing the company makes quality equipment. 

You can freely modify the width of the rack ( 33.4โ€-39.37โ€)

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Adjustable compartments
  • Can maneuver compartments around to make room for larger faucets
  • Can hold a lot
  • Easy assembly
  • Very sturdy


  • Bins not all high quality
  • Not a lot of reviews

9)  WellRun Length and Height Adjustable Drying Rack

The WellRun Fully Adjustable Drying Rack is perfect for those with strict size constraints. Offering both the luxury of height and width adjustments, you can adjust until it fits just right.

Height adjustment is 22.3" to 26.4" tall
Length adjustment is 26.8" to 38.6" wide

It includes a dish rack, bowl rack, knife holder, fruit & vegetable basket, chopping board & pot cover holder, detergent holder, cutlery holder & chopsticks cage, tissue holder, cup holder and 5 utility hooks.

We thought the chopsticks cage was an interesting addition. This sells for a similar price as the competition. The main factor to consider is whether you prefer this design over others.

It can bear up to 60 Lbs which is more than enough for a regular sized family's needs. 

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • "good quality"
  • "easy to install"
  • "my kitchen has become cleaner and more tidy"


  • Not a lot of reviews yet

10)  N-A Stainless Steel Adjustable Dish Rack 

A very new model on the market, but has gained some notable attention. After just 4 amazon reviews, the JSK drying rack has sustained a 5 / 5 star rating (as of 10/14/2020) 

Yes, I know still very early in the review process. Products need at least 200-300 reviews before the right balance is met. But there's one reason above all we put this drying rack here...

it is one of the lowest priced drying racks on our list.

Equipped with a Bowl Rack, Dish Rack Detergent Holder, Knife & Cutlery Holder, Chopping Board Holder, and 5 hooks, it's a fairly basic over-the-sink drying rack. 

But it offers a new style that might go well with the kitchen in question. 

Outside dimension: 20.5"-43.5"(L) x 12" (W) x 23"(H)

The width of your sink ( Must be greater than 20.5" and less than 44.5" wide), the height of the faucet to the countertop must be less than 17.5" tall, and the height between the cabinet and the countertop ( must be greater than 23 inches, not counting the height of the dish and bowl )

Our rating:

4 / 5 Stars


  • Creates a lot of space
  • Width adjustable
  • Easy set up
  • Stable, sturdy


  • Not a lot of reviews

Qualities to Consider


Size is undoubtedly the most important variable in finding the right over-the-sink drying rack for your particular kitchen. We encourage you to look at all three variables...

Depth, Width and Height

It's important not just to visualize, but to make sure it's physically capable of filling the space in question. Good companies will tell you what your sink and faucet dimensions must abide by in order for the product to functional properly. Other companies will just give you their product dimensions, giving you a little extra work to do. 

Faucet Height?

Another critical factor in determining whether or not your sink will work with the drying rack in question. If you have a low faucet, there's really nothing to worry about. If you have a high level faucet, make sure the height of the first shelf clears the height of the faucet. 

There are some models above that have adjustable baskets that you can move out of the way of the faucet. The 1EasyLife and Homelux Thoery models being the two most notable. 

Load Capacity?

How much weight will you be sticking on this rack? Consider the weight of your plateware and utensils. We've tried to include weight capacity information for each drying rack outlined. Most of them should be able to handle day to day drying tasks. But if you're planning on sticking your cast irons on there, best look for a heavy duty rack. 


What do you dry in your current drying rack? Will you want different options in the future? Make sure and look at the compartments each model offers. Some will probably have more options than you'll ever need, and others not so much. Make sure you account for what you could potentially need in the future. Trust me, speaking as an owner of a constantly evolving kitchen. 

Models will offer things as ordinary as plate racks, and as unordinary as a chopstick holders. Plenty of options to choose from ๐Ÿ™‚

Qualities to Look For

Quality Material

This style drying rack isn't your ordinary drying rack. It's frame is going to be a lot bigger, and therefore should require considerably more attention. Stainless steel is always going to be your best friend. Water can easily oxidize other metals and cause noticeable rust. Take the time to find material that won't age quickly or deteriorate with water.

When in doubt, look at the reviews. Look for complaints of rusting or bending. 

Adjustable Baskets

Options are good! Adjustable baskets mean you can rearrange your set up to suit your particular needs. You'll find this to be especially important when you get the rack and realize how bad you wished things were in other locations. 


Just another effective way of introducing organization into your kitchen. We honestly can't believe it took as long as it did for over-the-sink drying racks to hit the market. We hope this was helpful.

Leave a note below if you have any questions or comments!



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